Enemed Looks Ahead To Completion Of Has-Saptan And Luqa Projects In 2019

31st January 2019

On the back of an excellent year, Kevin Chircop, Executive Chairman of Enemed, expects 2019 to reap further rewards.

Malta has had yet another economically successful 12 months in 2018, on the back of the bumper year that was 2017, and in the gas and petroleum sector, business has also, predictably, been good.

“There is only one word to describe this year for our company – excellent!” exclaims Kevin Chircop, Executive Chairman of Enemed, the company responsible for the importation, distribution and wholesale of petroleum products for Malta’s inland market.

Kevin Chircop, Executive Chairman, Enemed

Kevin Chircop, Executive Chairman, Enemed

“We have seen our major infrastructural projects kicking off on time, and the launch of the franchise which has been very successful. We were the first company in this industry to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 certification, and most importantly, we have achieved growth in sales, which means that all the above tactics have made a significant contribution to our way forward.”

Mr Chircop expects 2019 to be another challenging, albeit fruitful, year for the company. “Our main priority is to maintain our focus on delivering the infrastructural projects of Ħas-Saptan and Luqa on time so that we can start making use of the most versatile and efficient logistics centre on the island,” he explains. “These projects will not only make our company more effective in maintaining our high-quality standards but will also bring the capability of developing more products which will enhance our customers’ experience.”

Going forward, Enemed aims to continue launching the franchise in more fuel stations around the Maltese islands. “Next year, we are anticipating that the bulk of the fuel stations under our brand will be fully upgraded. This will continue to strengthen our presence on the market. Maintaining focus will be key,” Mr Chircop observes. “At Enemed, everyone is keen on delivering more but we have to ensure to manage our deliverance expectations and not run out of fuel before the finish line!”

While Mr Chircop expects the push for fossil fuel substitutes to intensify going forward, he does not anticipate any major breakthroughs that will have a significant impact in 2019. “In terms of our country, the outlook is stable with some organic growth expected, but no significant upward trends.”

31st January 2019

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30th January 2019

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25th January 2019

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