ENMC holds meeting with European Commissioner Karmenu Vella

2nd August 2017

Meeting the European Commissioner Karmenu Vella, European Network of Maritime Cluster, raised topics relating to issues encountered by the maritime sector operators. 

Meeting the European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Mr Karmenu Vella, European Network of Maritime Cluster (ENMC) chairman Francis Vallat, raised topics relating to Ocean Governance as well as the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Other matters pertaining to specific issues encountered in individual Member States were also discussed during the meeting.

The ENMC contingent, which was comprised of chairmen from twelve national maritime clusters, argued in favour of the introduction of measures aimed at making the European Maritime industry more competitive and reducing administrative burdens

The necessity of better rules to guarantee a level-playing field, the need for “Blue skills” together with the facilitation of work possibilities after working on board, and the provision of capital or debt for business ventures were also discussed.

The meeting also followed up on the study on collecting and processing maritime data in Europe which was requested and obtained by the ENMC. The Clusters expressed their concern about the implementation of the recommendations of the study with regards to the availability, consistency, recentness and quality of data to be used.

The ENMC is expected to elaborate on possible solutions on the occasion of the next General Assembly to be held in Copenhagen in October in light of divergence with the goals of the European Commission.

The European Network of Maritime Clusters is a confederation of Clusters or equivalent structures operating in the maritime industry. It is a best practices dissemination platform that uses a number of media to reach its aim to establish a framework for future common targeted actions.

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