Enterprise Europe Network

Over the years, the Chamber has significantly developed its involvement and advocacy in many spheres of the economic, social and industrial spectrum of our country. However, the Chamber has remained conscious of its duty and mission to support its members in the day-to-day business perspectives and not necessarily only those that are policy driven.

In this respect, the Chamber continued its effort to identify and provide tangible value to its members. In fact, in 2015, the Chamber participated in a competitive bid to become an active member of the Enterprise Europe Network. This network, which is widely referred to as EEN, specifically supports enterprises in growing, creating jobs and connecting to other potential business partners. The Enterprise Europe Network is a single, coherent and collaborative European network organised at a regional level and consists of consortia of host organisations established in all regions of the European Union and other countries – 54 in all – participating in EU programmes for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) running from 2015 to 2020 with a planned budget of €2.3bn. Its primary target audience consists of European small and medium-sized businesses interested in carrying out international activities and/or engaging in innovation.

The Malta Chamber was instrumental in creating a unique collaboration with other important institutions on the Island to jointly create the Consortium that would win and provide the necessary support to Maltese enterprises in an effective way and with the maximum out-reach. As from 2015, the Malta Consortium, made up of Malta Chamber, Malta Enterprise, Malta Business Bureau and the Malta Council for Science and Technology, after winning the bid, embarked on an ambitious work plan for the years 2015 – 2016 which will then extend to another four years.

In this work plan, the Malta Chamber is successfully providing support to a considerable number of members and also non-members, who may potentially become members once a relationship has been created. The support provided includes specific services, professionally provided and free of charge, to qualifying SMEs. These include:

  • Mentoring and coaching: Assisting Micro and SMEs to grow their business within the EU’s internal market and beyond by maximising the opportunities available. The assistance provided will be structured on a threefold approach, namely: (a) information; (b) advice; and (c) dedicated support.
  • Maximising the utilisation of resources: Ensuring that Maltese enterprises tap into the financial and non-financial opportunities that are available to further strengthen their competitiveness vis-à-vis their European and non-European counterparts. This includes the creation of internationalisation partnering activities for business cooperation through business partnerships, technology transfer and innovation. Members are encouraged to make use of this invaluable opportunity to enhance their cross border experience and business through the one-to-one assistance provided by our staff.
  • Strengthening SMEs’ feedback function: Engaging in a closer relation with SMEs to ensure that dissemination and understanding of EU policies is better entrenched in an ongoing process of communication.
  • Provide support in participating in Horizon 2020: Consolidating a synergistic link with the national contact points to ensure a more effective way of encouraging SMEs to participate and cooperate in Horizon 2020 opportunities and also enhancing their internal innovation management capacities.

We encourage all our members to make use of this practical facility which is structured in such a way that its main success lays solely in, and directly to, the achievements made by the individual members making use of such opportunity.

Enterprise Europe Network