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Establishing Malta’s Framework for a Net Zero Carbon Building

7th December 2022

This project provides a framework for net-zero office buildings in Malta based on HSBC's flagship net-zero building in Qormi

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, together with HSBC Malta Foundation organised an information session regarding a project entitled ‘Establishing a Framework for Net Zero Buildings in Malta’. The aim of this project is to guide Malta towards achieving its climate goals by tackling the building and construction sector, with particular focus on operational carbon, i.e. the emissions of carbon dioxide and other global warming gases during the in-use operation of a building.

In her opening statement, The Malta Chamber President Marisa Xuereb said that, “this project provides a framework for net-zero office buildings in Malta based on HSBC's flagship net-zero building in Qormi. Office buildings constitute a high percentage of business buildings and reducing their carbon footprint can have a significant impact on reaching Malta's decarbonization targets and helping businesses become more ESG compliant.”

The Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli and the Planning Minister Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi participated during this event. Minister Dalli reminded that the measures being proposed under Budget 2023 aim to support the green transition: renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable products and green investments amongst others. She said that, ” these support measures on their own will not be enough, unless professionals come together to adopt the required change to truly transform buildings, from the planning stage to the finishing stage.”

stefan zrinzo azzopardi

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi said, “it is high time for great change in the construction sector to achieve quality and to reach higher energy efficiency in buildings.” He continued to say that energy efficiency in buildings is necessary as part of our positive actions to decarbonize our economy and achieve the 2050 objectives. It is also a new economic opportunity for various players in the construction and engineering sectors. Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi concluded by assuring the Government’s commitment in decarbonizing the economy and encouraged all professionals and businesses to take the lead and invest in energy efficiency buildings.

During this session Ing. Abigail Cutajar in her capacity as the lead technical project manager of this project, presented the work and data obtained so far following the evaluation of existing national building stock and the identification of selected office buildings. In her presentation she explained that the HSBC head office has been selected to perform building energy modelling as a case study to retro fit offices to more efficient buildings.


The Malta Chamber CEO Dr Marthese Portelli in her presentation showcased what The Malta Chamber did to become more sustainable and how the challenges that such a historical prestigious building presents can be overcome to achieve energy efficiency. She also spoke about recommendations that The Malta Chamber issued in relation to sustainable building. She added that the New Regulatory Framework for the Construction Industry with at least a minimum skill licensing for building & road contractors (which should include knowledge on renewable systems) coupled with Points-System and Fast-Tracking for more sustainable buildings.


During this information session, a number of HSBC board directors and senior executives and a number of entities and entrepreneurs participated and discussed how sustainability should be incorporated in the business model and projections that the various local companies embark on.

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Establishing Malta’s Framework for a Net Zero Carbon Building