European Economic and Social Committee - EESC

Established in 1957, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a bridge between Europe and the wider civil society. It is a consultative body that gives representatives of Europe’s employers, employees and civil society a formal platform to express their points of views on EU issues. Its opinions are forwarded to the larger institutions - the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament and it therefore has a role in the EU’s decision-making process.

The EESC is made up of three groups which represent the different social partner groupings. As per the official structure of the EESC, the Employers’ Group (Group I), is made up of entrepreneurs and representatives of entrepreneurial associations supporting employers in industry, commerce and services.

Group II refers to the Employees Group which typically is made up of trade unions. On the other hand, Group III refers to Various Interest Groups, which includes among others, small businesses and the crafts sector.

Past President Stefano Mallia is one of the two members appointed by Government to represent employers in Malta. Throughout the year, Mr Mallia kept close contact with the Malta Chamber to inform it about discussions being held within the EESC. Mr Mallia continued to take a very active role within the EESC and participates as a member in the following sections:

  • Internal Market Section (INT)
  • Economic and Monetary Union Section (ECO)
  • Agriculture and Environment Section (NAT)
European Economic and Social Committee - EESC