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‘Excelerate – Think Digital’ 

12th July 2022

The programme will help businesses gain the knowledge they need to embark on their digitalisation journey in an informed manner

Earlier this month, Dr Marthese Portelli, The Malta Chamber CEO, participated in an event organised by During this event, launched ‘Excelerate – Think Digital’ – An Accredited Training Programme. is a public private partnership between the Government of Malta and The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry with the aim of ensuring that every individual and business has the competences to beneficially use tech and engage in online activities effectively.

The programme is an MQF Level 3 programme accredited by the Malta Qualifications Framework through which businesses will be shown the benefits, encouraged and guided to go digital and invest in cloud technologies. This initiative will give businesses a great opportunity to improve their efficiency, increase their margins and generally provide a better customer experience in today’s competitive market. This programme will help businesses gain the knowledge they need to embark on their digitalisation journey in an informed manner – whether it’s a Digital Strategy; Cloud Migration; ERP; CRM; Security & Backup; Web Development & Design; and Groupware & Collaboration Tools.

The ultimate aim is that at the end of the project, the participants:
i. would have the necessary knowledge enabling one to move into the digital world and go through the digitalisation journey in a well-informed manner
ii. would have enough knowledge to help them identify which of the digital competences available on the market, apply best to their business.

Addressing attendees, The Malta Chamber CEO said “Tech is not just the present…it is the future. It is the key to productive, profitable, and sustainable economic growth. Digital industries have been critical drivers of economic growth over the past decade. If we look at Malta’s economic growth over the years we see how it has moved from a closed economy dependent on heavy industry, low-cost manufacturing and tourism to an open economy reliant on knowledge services, value-added manufacturing, and e-tourism. The retail industry has changed as well. As has the services industry.”

“In other words ‘traditional’ sectors have been revolutionized through the use of tech. Using tech in day-to-day operations, using tech at management level, using tech to get snapshots of one’s company’s performance on the fly, using tech for one’s marketing has become the order of the day. Study after study, and survey after survey confirm that businesses investing and upgrading in tech are reaping more positive results than those who opt not to. Tech.MT wants to be an active enabler on this journey. Tech.MT wants to help business achieve more by reaping the benefits on investing in the right solutions and in adopting the right approach. Hence ‘Excelerate’,” she said.

“Tech was, is and shall remain one of The Malta Chamber’s five main policy pillars. Through the rapid advancement of technologies like AI, IoT, big data, high performance computing and digital contact amongst others, as well as the growing network of connected devices with embedded intelligence and learning capabilities, tech continues to play an important role in increasing productivity and profitability. Together with industry, through our public private partnership, Tech.MT, we will continue focusing on the tech industry's macro and micro requirements and how tech can support all sectors and niches. We will keep advocating and championing digitalisation, innovation and technology-driven transformation pathways. This is the key driver towards an enhanced future,” said The Malta Chamber CEO.


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‘Excelerate – Think Digital’