Excise Duties Must Go

25th May 2017

Operators are paying excise duties on top of private waste-management scheme fees, hence incurring additional tax and administrative burdens.

The excise duties introduced as a replacement for eco-contribution must be reversed immediately. As previously stated by the Chamber, this is a tax on daily life as it has taxed the most basic needs.

The Chamber made its call for the removal of the excise duties in its Pre-Electoral Proposals document titled “Policy Proposals for a Competitiveness-centred Electoral Manifesto” which it presented to both political leaders at the beginning of the Electoral Campaign.

The Chamber said that according to the previous regime, self-complying businesses that subscribed to private waste-management schemes in order to recycle their waste were exempt from eco-contribution.

“Yet, with the introduction of excise duties, the same operators are paying excise duties on top of the scheme fees, hence incurring additional tax and administrative burdens.”

The Malta Chamber also argued in favour of implementing a long-term strategy for a reduction in administrative burdens and the implementation of better regulation policies.

Concretely, the Malta Chamber proposed that a new national competitiveness watchdog be established to ensure that the economy is not hampered by new and excessive regulations that negatively impact competitiveness.

The Chamber recommended that prior to launching any initiatives that directly impact business operations, there must be the necessary consultation with interested parties, a proper and holistic implementation plan and the necessary legislative backing.

In addition, certain government departments that offer essential services to businesses should maintain a skeleton operation able to deal with urgent business during the afternoons in summer months.

The Chamber also urged the new government to revisit and conclude the long overdue merger of public revenue collecting entities namely Customs, Inland Revenue and VAT departments.

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Excise Duties must go