Executive Staff

Dr Marthese Portelli - CEO

Kevin Mizzi, Head – Policy Development

Dr Daniela Grech, Head – Projects & EU Funds

Rachel Attard, Head - Media and Communications Strategist 

Stefan Bajada, Manager - Membership

Johanna Calleja, Manager – Statutory Affairs and Facilities

Diana Miceli, Manager - Projects

Julia Aquilina, Executive - Policy and Technical Support

Ing Stefan De Marco - Policy Executive, Sustainability 

Mel Aquilina, Executive - Marketing and Communications

Dr Daniel Cassar, Executive - Policy Development

Melanie Cuzzoni, Executive - Networking

Elena Scicluna, Manager – IELTS Centre

Anthony Tanti, Examinations Administrator 

Bernice Chircop, Executive - Accounts

Roberta Pisani, Membership Administrator

Cheryl Spiteri, Front Office and Support

Charles Maione, Facilities and Maintenance

Lino Mintoff, Advisor -  Internationalisation

Executive Staff