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Expansion of ferry services to Gozo in discussion to connect island to various parts of Malta

7th August 2020

The transport and Gozo ministers discussed a network of ferry services for Gozo with parts of Malta other than Cirkewwa, including Valletta

An expanded network of connections between Gozo and different parts of Malta, besides Cirkewwa, is in the works, as Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Ian Borg, and Minister for Gozo, Clint Camilleri, met to discuss the necessity of better and more efficient transport between the two islands.

The ministers agreed that the Gozo Channel has a future and needs to continue growing stronger to carry passengers and vehicles, as well as cargo. They also discussed road infrastructure and focused especially on the Malta-Gozo tunnel project.

“Connectivity is an important aspect in our lives, not least for Gozitans. We are committed to continue investing holistically in the infrastructure and transport sectors, because these go hand in hand,” said Transport Minister Ian Borg. “We can’t have sustainable transport and improved air quality if we do not have infrastructure that allows better and more efficient connections. Gozo is a priority.”

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri commented “We are satisfied that there are serious plans for ferry services to a number of destinations. Gozitans, like the Maltese, want connectivity with a number of destinations,” he asserted.

“After all, many Gozitans work in Malta and those who own businesses in Gozo will witness a lot of wonderful benefits once connectivity to our island improves. We will continue working together for the benefit of all Gozitan and Maltese people.”

The plans for a network expansion follow Minister Borg’s announcement last Thursday that Labour’s electoral pledge to offer a fast ferry service between Malta and Gozo has been dropped following a change in policy.

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Expansion of ferry services to Gozo in discussion to connect island to various parts of Malta