Export & Import Survey sheds light on Chamber members' operations and priorities

20th August 2019

Feedback from survey is instrumental in the design of relevant support services to businesses in the Internationalisation process.

Over the past weeks, the Malta Chamber has been conducting an internationalisation survey with the aim of producing a clearer picture of aspects relating to this area. Special focus is given to importers and distributors, together with manufacturing and services providers.

The research is targeted towards understanding the operations of exporting and importing companies represented by the Chamber. Some issues tackled include main countries of exportation and importation, interests in pursuing new potential markets and respective export and import modes of doing business.

Although this research is still ongoing, the survey is already providing the Chamber with valuable data that can result in the organisation of Business-to-Business (B2B) events and other support initiatives tailored to the companies’ needs. Further to this, from the results that are expected to emerge, the Malta Chamber will get a clear idea on potential new services which it can provide in assistance to firms of such expertise, in any current or future internationalisation activities.

The Malta Chamber wishes to thank all respondents, to date, for their cooperation. Such an enthusiastic response gives the Chamber encouragement in its workings while benefitting the companies through providing tailor made services according to their needs.

For further information, please contact Ms Maxine Micallef, Executive – Projects and Internationalisation, on maxine.micallef@maltachamber.org.mt.

22nd August 2019

These occasions are significant as they are central to the social aspect of the Chamber, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity for networking in an enjoyable setting.

14th August 2019

By putting its local business knowledge into advice, supplemented with a vast network of international connections, the Malta Chamber provides the value-added support which is needed to reach high impact outcomes.

8th August 2019

The Chamber of Commerce believes that the ethical standards and quality of our construction industry need to be raised immediately and brought in line with those in other developed countries.

8th August 2019

The new Economic Vision will serve as a follow up to the first edition ‘An Economic vision for Malta 2014-2020’, and shall once again strive to provide government with a business agenda for the country’s economy.