Face-to-Face synergy goes digital

5th June 2020

Trigger the competitive and collaborative spirit of your colleagues with the Global Innovation Game – a new way of connecting minds digitally while keeping a physical distance

Facing possible shut down, companies are being forced to think outside the box - from restructuring business models to the fast adoption of technological solutions, the business world is steadily laying the groundwork for the new, and digital, norm.

In this flurry of online activity, Outdoor Living – Malta’s team-building specialist – is launching the Global Innovation Game. Available to people all over the world, this fun, interactive and technology-based initiative is customised to help sales teams, and anyone with a mind for business, release their creative potential.

The online experience connects people into teams via a digital conferencing tool and the Global Innovation Game website. The idea behind the game is simple, but very effective: create and sell a new product or service.

Each player is dealt a hand of interactive playing cards. Players then break off into teams to brainstorm and collaborate on a brand-new, well-thought-out product (or service) inspired by keywords presented on their digital playing cards.

And the fun doesn’t end there. Targeting those powerful business communication skills, the teams then need to creatively pitch their products to each other – Dragon’s Den-style. Both the product and presentation must be persuasive enough to win over the other teams, who will then vote on which idea they think is best.

This is a time when companies and their employees could use a fun reminder of what makes their industry an exciting one to be in. The concept behind the Global Innovation Game is straightforward but engaging as it resonates at the core of entrepreneurial resourcefulness. It captures the imagination and creates an opportunity for colleagues to connect, challenge and inspire each other.

And given the new norm of widespread remote working, it is now more important than ever to connect with your colleagues in an effective and meaningful way. The Global Innovation Game fosters the inclusive atmosphere that is so crucial when working remotely.

The next step to remaining connected as a productive and inspired team is to keep having fun. Teams get stronger when they have fun together. If your team can’t be in the same office – or even in the same country – the Global Innovation Game is a great way to connect and take teamwork to the next level.

Outdoor Living and their Catalyst Team Building gurus have abundant experience in creating virtual events that trigger the business-minded. In the Global Innovation Game, they’ve brought their experience in boosting team dynamics, creative thinking and effective decision-making to the fore – ready for you to get your thinking cap on.

Whether you’re after a team-building initiative for your company or simply a new way of motivating your co-workers, the Global Innovation Game delivers the goods.

Contact Outdoor Living on danica@outdoorlivingmalta.com for more information about how you and your colleagues can sign up and get your experience fully customised.

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Face-to-Face synergy goes digital