Facebook to launch tool allowing users to transfer images to Google Photos

3rd December 2019 

This has been done as part of the company’s commitment to ‘data portability’.

Facebook has launched a tool allowing users to transfer their images and videos to Google Photos, a cloud-based Google storage application.

The service has initially been rolled out in Ireland, with plans for the open-source tool to be made available to the rest of the world in 2020, Facebook said in a statement. The company also said it planned to include other services in the future as part of its commitment to “data portability”.

A campaign group called Open Rights Group welcomed the move but expressed concern that it needed to be extended beyond giant technology companies.

Concern has also been expressed about potential security risks, to which Facebook has said that “any mechanism to send data outside of a service carries risk.”

In order to mitigate such risks, the company said it has “put measures in place,” such as extra authentication steps to ensure only the power of the account can transfer a file.

The Google Photos tool launched by Facebook is part of the Data Transfer Project, aiming to be an open-source platform where anybody can move data between online services.

In addition to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter also form part of the collaboration.

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Facebook to launch tool allowing users to transfer images to Google Photos