FIMBank's Value Delivery to Business Customers

29th September 2017

FIMBank Senior Vice President of Cash Management and Central Customer Services Chris Trapani discusses the Bank’s competitive edge in delivering value to corporates.

Having established itself as a leading trade finance institution, FIMBank is consistently driven to provide tailor-made solutions to its varied clientele. In this context, explained FIMBank's Senior Vice President of Cash Management and Central Customer Services, Chris Trapani, "The Bank is strongly geared to offer a wide range of Cash Management products to its current and prospective clients. Our strategy hinges on the commitment to provide added value to our local and international clients by focusing on specialised customer service and sophisticated systems. The quality of our delivery relies on our team, made up of dedicated on-boarding and helpdesk personnel, relationship managers, and product development specialists. Our work is centred on ensuring that we continuously align ourselves to ever-changing requirements in local and international business."

"As an international trade finance institution, FIMBank always takes a customer-centric approach to its product and service offering, with a view to finding innovative solutions for, and adding value to, its selected customer base,” added Mr Trapani. “The US Dollar is the world's primary reserve currency, and the one most used in international transactions by our diverse clientele. Much of global trade is priced and settled in dollars, and so is trade finance. Indeed, a key condition for the ability of many banks to provide trade finance is their access to US Dollar funding, and settlements to facilitate the transfer of value globally in support of international trade. This is the reason behind our dedicated payment services and deposit products in US Dollars."

The delivery of these services, he explained, is facilitated by the recently launched digital banking platform FIMBank Direct. "We are committed to providing an enhanced banking experience to our customers, based on a strong infrastructure built to support international settlements, foreign exchange transactions, and fixed term deposits. Moreover, the Bank has consistently invested in a strong correspondent banking network, supported by highly reputable institutions, which is designed to sustain a strong service delivery through its dedicated USD settlement and forex offering."

Asked about the value this provides to FIMBank’s typical international business and general banking clients, Mr Trapani commented that "Over the years we have built a team of international corporate bankers with experience in identifying customer needs, and matching these with system solutions complemented by dedicated support. We are constantly listening to our customers and potential business partners in order to offer valued solutions and enhance efficiencies for our customers’ benefit, ultimately helping them to reach their goals."

"As a trade finance specialist, FIMBank has always built on its capability to provide for international settlements in USD currency. This is an essential requirement to service our long-standing customer base. Having said this, our infrastructure can service the requirements of any corporate that requires an international transfer of value, especially in US Dollars."

Mr Trapani further explained how the Bank’s latest innovation provides a seamless experience to corporate customers. "The recently launched FIMBank Direct platform provides an efficient and convenient international payments framework, term deposit products, and competitive foreign exchange services. Corporate and wholesale banking services offered include balance view and management, the ability to book single or multi-currency payments, and access to statements and advices."

Elaborating on FIMBank Direct, Mr Trapani said that "Apart from these features, our corporate customers benefit from enhanced security through the innovative authentication app, the FIMBank CAM. This technology allows corporate customers to log in and perform payments, anytime, anywhere, without the need to carry a hardware token. FIMBank CAM is engineered to withstand sophisticated cybercrime attacks, something which traditional tokens do not have the capacity to safeguard against."

The Bank’s wide range of banking services goes beyond its trade finance, factoring and forfaiting products, catering also for retail customers. "FIMBank’s flagship retail product Easisave is targeted for retail customers wishing to open USD and Euro savings accounts. This is a no frills and easy to use service, where retail customers can open an account with no need to visit the Bank. This retail account gives one the opportunity to save at competitive rates and can be opened online, allowing easy access and providing interest both on overnight and term deposits."

"All corporate services offered by FIMBank are accessible both through a Relationship Officer and via our self-service digital banking platform," Mr Trapani continued. "Our services are tailor-made around the client’s business needs, while minimum requirements apply according to the expected level of activity on these accounts. Corporate on-boarding is handled directly by our dedicated teams and relationship managers, who are trained to assess business requirements and match them with the appropriate products and services. This is all managed to provide the best outcome for the client’s benefit."

Finally, Mr Trapani gave an overview of FIMBank’s approach to customer relations: "The Bank has always dedicated its focus and resources towards investing in systems geared to cater efficiently for settlement services on a global scale. Our typical customer would be a corporate, transacting both locally and internationally, and using multiple currencies for settlements. Thanks to our product portfolio, we strongly believe that we are in a position to provide a framework within which our customers can look forward to improving their business profitability."

To open a Corporate Account contact the FIMBank Sales team on (00356) 21322102.

Chris Trapani

Head of Cash Management and Central Customer Services, FIMBank


Direct: 23280119

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FIMBank's Value Delivery to Business Customers