FIMBank strongly geared for the provision of international settlements

27th November 2019

The bank offers the possibility to execute payments worldwide, with same-day, next-day options, for normal or high value transactions.

As a trade finance specialist, FIMBank has a long-standing reputation for an efficient delivery of international settlements, for a wide range of corporate customers both locally and abroad. FIMBank is consistently driven to provide tailor-made solutions with a strategy that hinges on the commitment to provide added value to its local and international clients, by focusing on specialised customer service and sophisticated systems.

The bank offers the possibility to execute payments worldwide, with same-day, next-day options, for normal or high value transactions. This is part of its corporate banking suite in the major trade currencies, together with fixed term deposits and foreign currency payments.

Over the years, the bank has built a team of international corporate bankers with experience in identifying customer needs, and matching these with system solutions complemented by dedicated support. FIMBank is constantly listening to its customers and potential business partners in order to offer valued solutions and enhance efficiencies for the customers’ benefit, ultimately helping them to reach their goals.

The quality of the bank’s delivery relies on its team, made up of dedicated on-boarding and helpdesk personnel, relationship managers, and product development specialists. Its work is centred on ensuring that it continuously aligns itself to ever-changing requirements in local and international business.

The delivery of international settlement services is facilitated by the bank’s digital banking platform FIMBank Direct, with a commitment to provide an enhanced banking experience to its customers, based on a strong infrastructure built to support international multi-currency settlements and fixed term deposits. This provides a seamless experience to corporate customers. Coupled with this is the fact that the bank has recently extended its payment cut-off time. In a bid to enhance its standing as a leading provider of local and international corporate banking products, FIMBank recently announced that payments executed up until 16:00 CET via its digital banking platform, can now be processed on the day, subject to all criteria being met where applicable.

FIMBank Direct provides an efficient and convenient international payments framework and fixed term deposit products. Corporate and wholesale banking services offered include balance view and management, the ability to book single or multi-currency payments, and access to statements and advices.

Apart from these features, FIMBank’s corporate customers benefit from enhanced security through the innovative authentication app, the FIMBank CAM. This technology allows corporate customers to log in and perform payments, anytime, anywhere, without the need to carry a hardware token.

FIMBank is also a direct participant in TARGET2, a payment system owned and operated by the European Central bank Eurosystem. TARGET2 is the leading European platform for processing large-value payments, and is used by both central and commercial banks to process real time payments in Euro. As part of the advantages of TARGET2 payments, FIMBank is directly reachable for Euro payments without the need for payments to go through its Euro correspondents. Membership of the system also facilitates the processing of high value priority payment orders in ‘safe’ central bank money with immediate finality, even across borders, thus reducing the inherent risks in payment transactions.

Together with its bespoke offering for immediate and efficient settlement options for corporates, FIMBank offers fixed term deposit accounts for such organisations, at competitive interest rates for a variety of both long-term and short-term tenors. Once on-boarding is successfully completed, corporates may opt for different tenors and competitive rates, solely via the bank’s digital banking platform.

The bank has always dedicated its focus and resources towards investing in systems geared to cater efficiently for settlement services on a global scale. Its typical customer would be a corporate, transacting both locally and internationally, and using multiple currencies for settlements. Thanks to its product portfolio, the bank is in a position to provide a framework within which its customers can look forward to improving their business profitability.

To learn more about the benefits that FIMBank offers in relation to its international settlements, please contact their Business Development team on

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FIMBank strongly geared for the provision of international settlements