Budget 2021

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna arrives at Parliament

19th October 2020

Prof Scicluna said the upcoming Budget will bring “peace of mind to businesses and families”

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has arrived at Parliament after presenting the Budget document to President George Vella at the San Anton palace.

Following Minister Scicluna’s Budget speech in Parliament, scheduled to begin at 6.30pm, a press conference will be addressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela, following which Opposition Leader Bernard Grech will also address a press conference where he will be delivering his initial reaction.

Budget 2021 will be a first for Dr Abela and Dr Grech as leaders of the Governing party and the Opposition, respectively.

This year’s Budget is largely seen as a stimulus package in view of the prolonged disruption caused by COVID-19.

Earlier today, while exiting San Anton Palace, Prof Scicluna said that this Budget will focus on “peace of mind for businesses and families”, adding that “for the future, we need to build on the digital world and the green economy”.

“This is the core of the upcoming Budget.”

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19th October 2020

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has begun the Budget 2021 speech in Parliament

14th October 2020

The budget needs to incentivise the economy to reskill, rebuild, restructure, and re-engineer itself

8th October 2020

The Government will be unveiling the much-anticipated Budget 2021 on 19th October

5th October 2020

The Opposition will be giving their official reply one week later, on 26th October

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna arrives at Parliament