Financing Business to Prosper – a practical approach

19th July 2019

An event at the Malta Chamber gave a detailed insight with relation to the latest financing opportunities available to local based SMEs through Bank of Valletta.

The Malta Chamber has held an information session, together with Bank of Valletta (BOV) and Malta Development Bank (MDB) to discuss two schemes launched recently aiding SMEs and Family Businesses with Capital Investment. This session is one of a series of events co-organised with BOV in view of the recently extended partnership agreement with the Malta Chamber.

The programme gave a detailed insight with relation to the latest financing opportunities available to local based SMEs. Special focus was given with regards to two schemes provided by BOV, BOV SME Invest and BOV Family Business Success.

Both these services are partly guaranteed by the MDB through their own guarantee schemes. These benefit SMEs by reducing their collateral requirements and capital finance costs.

As stated by Mr Kevin J. Borg, as Director General on behalf of the Malta Chamber, the Chamber has throughout the years, assisted a number of enterprises to expand to their full potential by establishing new funding systems for expansion opportunities, locally and within international networks.

“The Chamber has always been vocal on the need for Malta to invest part of the profits made due to the present economic growth.” Mr Borg noted how companies and investors themselves are encouraged to adopt similar strategies in their own establishments to further expand, innovate and broaden their operations.

The Malta Chamber continues to maintain connections with its members while analysing economic performances of those areas which are represented by the Malta Chamber. Such studies provide results regarding the additional struggles faced by small and new SMEs in gaining financial support. Hence, through such information sessions the Malta Chamber builds upon efforts made throughout the years in making financial support as accessible as possible for start-ups and small enterprises.

24th July 2019

Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, expressed the Chamber’s desire for Malta of pursuing a journey towards establishing solid commercial relations with Bangladesh, providing tangible opportunities for respective business communities.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and The Malta Institute of Accountants have signed a memorandum of understanding, intended to provide a structure for collaboration between the two bodies in the future.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber provided Mr Brincat with feedback about the limitations and pitfalls of EFSI on behalf of the local business community.

4th July 2019

"Countries which were not investing enough in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, would eventually fall behind in terms of competitiveness"