Following Mnajdra Temple event backlash, organisers announce event no longer open to any guests

22nd August 2019

Original conditions of the event would have meant those in attendance were not permitted to wear heels or flip-flops, with no smoking or alcohol allowed.

Following a public backlash at the news that an event was to take place at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mnajdra Temples, the organisers, District, have altered their plans to no longer open the event to any guests.

Initially, the plan was for DJ Denis Sulta to live-stream a set with the iconic temples as a backdrop, while the sun is setting, to 60 select partygoers. In a statement issued by District on Thursday, following heavy criticism, the groups said that “with respect to the concerns raised by many, together with Heritage Malta we have decided that no guests will attend.”

They continued to say that “These sixty individuals were never the focus of this event, and we will now go ahead with just Denis Sulta and Mixmag (a highly popular DJ and clubbing brand with a reach of over 1 million followers”.

District laid out the original conditions set by Heritage Malta, were guests would have not been permitted to wear heels or flip-flops, no smoking or alcohol, presence of an ambulance and police to monitor the event and the presence of a water station was planned free of charge.

Following the uproar however plans for inviting guests have been scrapped. District said:

“This is a non-profit making event - we’re actually paying for it out of our own pocket - with the sole objective of putting Malta on the map, both in terms of our music industry as well as unique historical sites such as Mnajdra. Similar initiatives have successfully taken place at historically and culturally sensitive and important sites both in Malta as well as other European countries.

“This modern method of promoting Malta to a young global audience cannot be compared to anything similar. Showcasing our rich heritage through a medium that youths follow and observe nowadays will only serve to intrigue their interest. We are proud to be doing this and hope to prove to you that we’re in it for the right reasons. Thanks for your attention.”

Read the statement issued by Heritage Malta earlier on Thursday here.

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Following Mnajdra Temple event backlash, organisers announce event no longer open to any guests