Former SpaceX Engineer Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange in Malta

17th September 2018

Joshua Greenwald worked as a trader at DRW Trading Group in Chicago and Greenlight Trading in London before joining SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk.

Joshua Greenwald, formerly an engineer at aerospace company SpaceX, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange in Malta called LXDX, news portal Cryptodigest reported.

According to the official website, it is an “institutional-grade exchange platform for digital currencies” which offers “Fully redundant, chaos-tested systems” and “Binary, MT5, FIX, and REST connectivity and specialized order types”.

According to Forbes, the exchange will put an emphasis on speed and increased liquidity and plans to support “a new wave of digital assets, including tokenized securities and non-fungible assets.” The company received funding from Dymon Asia Venture Capital Fund of Singapore in August 2018.

Mr Greenwald worked as a trader at DRW Trading Group in Chicago, and later headed Greenlight Trading in London. He then held further finance jobs in Shanghai and San Francisco before joining SpaceX, the company founded by high-profile South African entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Space X was the first privately-funded organisation to send a rocket into orbit, to put a commercial satellite in orbit, to recover a craft that it had sent into orbit, and to send a craft to the ISS.

17th September 2018

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17th September 2018

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17th September 2018

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