Francina Moisa - Use A Professional Candidate Assessment System

Rebecca Anastasi - 12th April 2019

The upsurge of vacancies within the technological era may require a more innovative strategy which prioritises transparency, due diligence and ethical recruitment, according to the Managing Director of Nicholls Moisa.

Over the past few decades, traditional recruitment methods based on newspaper job postings, internal promotions, headhunting and word-of-mouth have had various degrees of success among employers seeking personnel across diverse sectors. However, the upsurge of vacancies within the technological era may require a more innovative strategy which prioritises transparency, due diligence and ethical recruitment, according to Francina Moisa, Managing Director of Nicholls Moisa, a multidisciplinary recruitment and talent acquisition business first established in January 2016.

“To effect such a strategy, we offer a unique proposition through our cutting-edge candidate assessment system, I.R.i.S, which gives our recruiters an exclusive offering to take to the market,” she explains. Indeed, I.R.i.S is a cutting-edge candidate attraction, assessment and retention tool, exclusive to Nicholls Moisa, which combines thorough psychometric testing, video interviewing, key competencies and cultural profiling and matching, to help businesses select top performers who fit their culture, business vision and strategy. When using I.R.i.S, 96 per cent of new employees are within the business 12 months on. I.R.i.S can be accessed from any device, giving global businesses flexibility and accessibility at their fingertips.“

By means of this system, Ms Moisa stresses, the recruitment agency is able to encourage their consultants to “really disrupt the current hiring model in the market” to the benefit of their clients, which come from fields as diverse as financial services, law, iGaming and the C-Level industry, among others. The firm’s participation in events such as the Career Workshop at SIGMA and the Malta Blockchain Summit, among others, also helps them develop tailor-made and bespoke talent acquisition solutions which “are delivered in a business advisory style manner,” in line with its drive to “innovate and ultimately excel in everything we do,” Ms Moisa says.

This strategy is complemented by a great deal of flexibility, the Managing Director continues, emphasising that its success lies in the support the firm gives to its recruitment consultants, stressing that “if someone has an idea, they will be listened to and supported all the way to bring that to fruition.” Indeed, talent acquisition is essential for the agency itself, Ms Moisa underlines. “As our client portfolio continues to grow, it’s imperative for us to continuously develop our employees and attract new ones, who are focused on becoming experts in their chosen field and service clients beyond the traditional recruitment approach,” she states.

For finding the right talent, Ms Moisa asserts, is pivotal, whatever the firm or sector. “We are always looking for ways to not only differentiate ourselves in the market, but to truly add value to our clients through our advisory services, and to achieve this, we support and coach our employees, trusting them to make their own decisions. In this regard, ideas are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

This article is one of a four-part series on recruitment, originally published in The Commercial Courier


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