Frank V. Farrugia – Bringing Businesses and Parliament Face-To-Face

13th March 2019

Mr Farrugia introduced the morning’s themes, which were comprised of competitiveness, skills and the labour market, innovation and sustainable development.

Chamber President Frank V. Farrugia said that today’s event provided further tangible evidence of the Chamber bringing the voices and opinions of business directly to the islands’ foremost Institution, where all National Policy is discussed and approved.

“The notable difference we are making today, of course, is that the representatives of the people will debate with representatives of business.”

He introduced the morning’s themes, which were comprised of competitiveness, skills and the labour market, innovation and sustainable development.

“These themes are very close to our hearts. As people in business, we cannot emphasise enough, how important it is for Malta to get it right on these four fronts, in order to create jobs and growth for the country and our people.”

“Our event today is aimed at bringing businesses and our parliament face-to-face for one morning, so as to enhance dialogue and mutual understanding.”

“Today’s event provides a unique opportunity for Malta-based businesses to debate directly with our parliamentarians and to provide them with some direct bottom-up feedback on policies that affect the performance of their companies and the economic health of our islands.”

“Our initiative this morning provides concrete proof of a will for collaboration between our two worlds. A dialogue, that I augur will span beyond these walls and way into the future, for the benefit of our entrepreneurs, our economy and our country.”

Mr Farrugia expressed appreciation to Mr Christoph Leitl – President of Eurochambres, a prominent figure within the European Chamber family, and thanked him for travelling to Malta purposely for this event.

“This event which, in fact, follows from the model conceived by Eurochambres called the European Parliament of Enterprises™ (EPE) which has been taking place once every two years in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels.”

“Our Chamber has been participating in this event actively ever since the first edition held in October 2008 on the occasion of Eurochambres 50th Anniversary. It is fitting, therefore, that we are organising this event at the end of our 170th Anniversary commemorations.”

Mr Farrugia also thanked the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr Angelo Farrugia, for immediately accepting to collaborate with the Chamber on this ambitious project.

13th March 2019

"I have always believed that Malta’s biggest asset is its human resource," the former Chamber President said.

13th March 2019

Participating entrepreneurs will discuss themes such as skills in the modern labour market, competitiveness, sustainable development and research, development and innovation.

13th March 2019

Mr Leitl spoke of the important role that business people and entrepreneurs played within the social ecosystem, and the need for there to be backing from other sectors of society in order for this role to be effective.

7th March 2019

The complete list of candidates is being made available to voters.