From faux meat to freakshakes, here's what'll have your taste buds tingling this year 

7th January 2017

Want to know what’s going to be big in the food world this year? We have the scoop (literally!)


Meet the milkshake on steroids: also known as the freakshake. The philosophy when it comes to these bad boys is go big or go home, so all ingredients come in generous amounts and helpings. From ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce to plentiful toppings of cake (yes, cake!), cookies, doughnuts and sweets, this one is likely to classify as a cardinal sin against a healthy diet… but we’re still tempted!

Flavoured ketchup

Regular ketchup seems to be going from family favourite condiment to yesterday’s news. Consumer analysts have found that ketchup sales have fallen by four per cent in the past year, making way for newer, more interesting alternatives. Flavoured ketchup including chilli with guava, masala and Bloody Mary ketchup is set to be all the rage in the coming year, and is likely to take plain old ketchup’s place at your table.

Photo: The Artful Desperado


Mixing up interesting cocktails is getting a PG makeover thanks to the rise of modern mocktails. Fresh-pressed juices, flavoured teas, sipping vinegars and muddled herbs and spices are giving those who rather skip the alcohol an alternative that’s far more creative – not to mention visually stimulating – than a soft drink or juice.


Tipped as the next hot protein to hit restaurants in the US and beyond, goat meat has much less fat than most other forms of meat (including chicken), and is high in protein to boot. But what does it taste like? Likened to lamb but with more of a ‘beefy’ texture, goat meat needs to be prepared well and paired thoughtfully to be enjoyed – lending itself well to spicy and bold accompaniments thanks to its strong flavour.

Faux meat

A big trend among diners the world over is the desire to eat less meat without converting fully to vegetarianism. This has paved the way for an array of veggie or faux meats to step in, resulting in interesting dishes of meatless burgers, sausages, meatballs and ribs, all made using a variety of vegetable meat substitutes – and you really will have a hard time tasting the difference!


The smelly, protein-rich fish has suffered from a bad rep in the past, but seems to be rising in popularity. With certain brands putting a modern spin on sardine packaging, taking it from old-timey food to interesting snack du jour, sardines are on the road to trending. Interesting flavours and smoked varieties are also adding appeal, and with sardines’ health benefits – being high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein – it might not be such a bad thing.

Photo: NYT Cooking


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