From Flaky Bread To Cloud Eggs

22nd July 2017 

From photogenic eggs to tools to make the barbecue season a little bit easier, here's what’s hot in the culinary world.

Cloud Eggs

The cutely-named cloud eggs are the latest must-eat among food bloggers and social media trendsetters. If you fancy making them for your next breakfast, whip the egg whites and bake them first, and add the orange yolk later for a further short bake. The white morphs into a fluffy cloud shape, while the orange yolk remains intact, sitting appetisingly in the middle.


Msemen is flaky Moroccan flat bread made with flour, semolina, olive or canola oil and butter. It is rich, chewy, and addictive; best eaten warm, drizzled with honey, with a glass of mint tea in the morning, or filled with caramelised onions, parsley, and spiced ground lamb for a savoury and delicious afternoon or evening meal.

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Ochazuke or Japanese steeped rice, consists of steamed short-grain rice with hot brewed tea poured over it. While ochazuke may simply be enjoyed with rice and tea, it is often served with any number of toppings, including seafood, meat, vegetables, pickles, seaweed, and other Japanese ingredients. It’s growing in popularity worldwide, possibly because it can be enjoyed as a snack at any time of the day, but it is especially loved as a midnight snack, or as a hangover remedy.

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Rosé Aperol Spritz

You no longer need to make the difficult decision between a refreshing glass of rosé and a crisp spritz during those hot summer days. Combine the two tipples into one with the Rosé Aperol Spritz. Add a splash of passion fruit juice and a squeeze of lime for extra tartness or simply let the main ingredients do the heavy lifting.

Edible flowers

While edible flowers make every dish look delicious, they can also add surprising texture and flavour if used right. Common florals like nasturtium and rose, or herb blossoms like cilantro, radish and basil flowers look and taste great, and can be used in a number of different recipes, from infusing cocktails and garnishing salads to making a spice rub for meat.

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Hamburger press

With barbecue season here, you’ll want something that lets you make quick and perfect home-made patties to toss on the grill. Enter the hamburger press – it shapes and flattens uniform hamburger patties, as well as chicken and turkey burgers, and even vegetarian patties. You can take them anywhere, be it the beach, a picnic or camping – so fire up that grill!


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