From terrariums to raw metals, these are the interior design trends shaking up offices in 2017

8th April 2017 – Marie-Claire Grima

Giving your workspace a well-deserved makeover? Here’s a look at the latest interior trends to inspire you.


According to Pantone, who chose this fetching shade of green as the colour of the year for 2017, the “fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate”. We can’t argue with that – it works beautifully in contrast with neutral and monochrome surfaces, and signals the move towards the refreshing outdoors that’s become a hallmark of recent office design.


Speaking of greenery, there’s no easier way to hop on the trend of bringing the outdoors in than by creating a terrarium. It’s easy to create and can be made in a variety of sizes, depending on what sort of container you have on hand and how much space you want it to take up. Maintenance is minimal once the plants are established, but as they grow, you may want to trim any parts that climb over and above the top of your container.

Image: Archilovers

Slatted walls

From hygge to Helvetica, Nordic design remains a heavy-hitter in this year’s trends for interiors. And what could be more Scandi than a sauna, which slatted walls immediately put you in mind of? Slatted walls add dimension, calm and a contemporary flair to almost any corporate space, and are perfect for elevating a corridor, lounge or communal area.

Raw metal

This year, we’re likely to see a move away from flawlessness and high shine finishes in metals towards a raw and earthier direction. Emerging materials include pewter, zinc, aluminium and tin, while rugged materials such as lava stone are no longer the preserve of tacky souvenirs from Etna, but are being used in a number of intriguing ways, including lighting fixtures.

Graphic calendars

The time for buying calendars and diaries should technically be well behind us, but we’re finding it hard to resist the returning trend of outsize graphic calendars, including the famous Stendig calendar. Designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli, it was taken that year into the Design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The timelessness of the design means it works with practically any office space, be it modern or traditional – and you’ll never forget what day it is again!


Terrazzo tiles, made from marble chips and cement ground to a fine finish, used to be a classic feature of Maltese spaces, both private and public. This golden oldie is now enjoying a revival because it really does have a lot of things going for it – fresh and neutral from afar but textured and interesting up close, virtually indestructible, easy to maintain and can be made to almost any specification.

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