FXDD Establishes Dedicated Trading Desk To Make Headway In Italy

Jo Caruana - 6th April 2019

As Head of Department, Alessandro Ingargiola's role is to consolidate the brand in Italy by planning and creating marketing campaigns, and developing relationships and contacts in the sector.

FXDD, a provider of foreign exchange services that was founded in 2002 and has been an industry leader since, has established an Italian desk in order to make inroads within the Italian market.

The Head of FXDD Global’s Italian Market, Alessandro Ingargiola, joined FXDD in October 2016, after having gained experience with three other brokers working in Malta and Cyprus. His role as Head of Department is to consolidate the brand in Italy by planning and creating marketing campaigns, and developing relationships and contacts in the sector.

“I see FXDD as a fantastic leading company within the currency and commodities markets worldwide,” Mr Ingargiola said. “Our history in the sector has allowed us to build up a wealth of knowledge and a great personnel team.”

“We have been here since the industry’s infancy, studiously working to build and maintain a great trading environment and provide superior service for our clients. This kind of experience, especially on the personnel and technology fronts, really makes a difference.”

His other key tasks as Head of the Italian Market include leading the development of the business, promoting FXDD’s products and services, planning and undertaking presentations in the Italian market, explaining how FXDD’s trading system works, and planning and participating in exhibitions, conferences, seminars and training courses – to name but a few.

Speaking about recent endeavours, Mr Ingargiola explained that the company has been very focused on customer training. “In 2018 we organised and developed the FXDD Roadshow, a tour across a number of Italian cities, and worked with speakers who have an excellent reputation there,” he said. “The courses were designed to help us acquire aspiring traders, novice traders and advanced traders, through training courses that took place over eight hours in a day – usually on a Saturday.”


As it turns out, the FXDD Roadshow was a resounding success, and the company toured no fewer than 15 cities from north to south, including Milan, Turin, Genoa, Verona, Padua, Trento, Rimini, Bologna, Florence, Perugia, Pescara, Rome, Naples, Bari and Catania.

In addition to its very competitive offer with thin spreads and the lowest commissions on the market, the company stands for security, reliability, and the ability to trade in a professional environment. “This is thanks to our Category 3 regulation, which was approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) in 2010. It allowed FXDD to expand into the rest of Europe, particularly in Italy,” Mr Ingargiola explained, adding that the company’s developments also apply to the new ESMA regulations.

“In addition, FXDD complies with the European markets through the Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and is authorised to operate in Italy by CONSOB. Our determination to constantly work within the regulatory framework in which we operate demonstrates our seriousness and professionalism.”

FXDD’s customers vary substantially, especially as the company’s range of services is quite vast. “We work with everyone from institutional clients to private clients, and we introduce brokers, asset managers, hedge funds and white labels,” Mr Ingargiola explained.

“Overall, our strength definitely lies in the efficient, reliable and friendly service we provide to all our customers on a 24/5 basis,” he added, noting that FXDD’s characteristic trademark is the candlestick graphic that coincides with the closure of the New York Stock Exchange.

Indeed, there have also been a number of advances for the company on a technological front. “Maximum execution speed and advanced systems make our customer operation fluid and smooth,” Mr Ingargiola continued, stressing that advancements in tech had to be complemented by the personal touch provided by FXDD’s staff.

“From my point of view, this technological efficiency must go hand-in-hand with the care and assistance for our customers, and that must be followed across all phases – from before they open an account with us, to long afterwards.”

“That is why, in order for us to maintain the high customer satisfaction that is so important to us, we have set up and formed an efficient customer support department. It has become a company flagship and I am very proud of it.”

And there is plenty more planned – both to underline what has already been achieved by the Italian desk and other departments at FXDD, and to continue the company’s progress as a leader in this exciting international field. “For instance, in 2019 we started a partnership with Le Fonti TV and Visionforex, so we could present live streaming TV programmes focused on economic, financial, legal and infotainment issues,” confirmed Mr Ingargiola.

“Next, we will participate in industry fairs, such as iFXEXPO International in Cyprus in May, the IT Forum in Rimini in June, and the IT Forum in Milan in November.”

“Finally, we will continue hosting our training courses around Italy, in collaboration with several nationally-renowned traders who offer the opportunity for our new customers to access free training. All of this will definitely underpin our growth into the future,” Mr Ingargiola concluded.

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