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Game Lounge, Expedition42 and Alf Mizzi & Sons Group crowned winners of the 2021-2022 Employee’s Voice Awards

10th May 2022

Game Lounge, Expedition42 and Alf Mizzi & Sons Group top Business Leaders Malta’s list of best places to work at for the year 2021-2022 from research conducted on employee engagement and satisfaction by BLM market research arm Esprimi.

This year’s awards were presented at Business Leaders Malta’s fifth HR Spring Event which took place on April 29 at the picturesque Xara Lodge in Rabat. The event featured 10 speakers and brought together over a hundred HR professionals.

The annual award recognises organisations for their outstanding work in employee engagement and satisfaction and is presented to the highest-scoring companies of Employee’s Voice, a rigorous scientific study carried out by BLM’s research arm Esprimi. As part of the Employee’s Voice process, participating companies must complete a strict research process and meet the required high standard in their respective categories (based on company size) to achieve a winning status.

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The research tool recognises top employers by assessing and quantifying the attitudes and perceptions that employees have across nine crucial domains. The domains explore various aspects including the level of care, recognition, team cohesiveness, leadership effectiveness, focus on performance management, and commitment to employee development and company culture. The tool also uses an internationally validated set of questions to assess employee engagement.  

Apart from the awards handed out to winners, organisations whose results are exceptionally high in employee engagement, satisfaction and response rate are also awarded an Employer of Choice certificate. Among those companies who received the Employer of Choice Certificate this year were: Atlas, Catena Media, Invicti, The Atrium and Kafe Rocks.

business leaders malta

BLM’s Esprimi is the only local registered certification provider honouring employers for their outstanding people practices and company cultures in Malta. Years of experience analysing the local landscape and working with leading companies across the island makes its recognition process one of the most robust in the local arena, equipping employers with utmost precision and unsurpassed accuracy as well as the chance to communicate their brilliance to the world with confidence. To learn more about Esprimi’s Employee’s Voice research tool and the Employer of Choice certificate, visit

business leaders malta

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Game Lounge, Expedition42 and Alf Mizzi & Sons Group crowned winners of the 2021-2022 Employee’s Voice Awards