GO Business unveils new vPBX Solution 

30th August 2019 

Company highlights ‘simple, cost-effective communication, anywhere’.

GO Business has unveiled its new vPBX solution which allowed organisations to stay connected anywhere they may be.

“Since your team, suppliers and clients are always on the move – your business should be too. You never want to miss any important calls and updates, so a smooth connection is essential, wherever you are. That’s where GO’s Virtual PBX comes in,” the company spokesperson said.

GO vPBX together with an internet connection allows the user to gain full access to their office, at any point thanks to Cloud services.

“This means that no hardware is necessary, and with a ‘pay per seat’ subscription, you get the flexibility to add/remove lines as your business changes or grows. Meanwhile you will avoid time and costs associated with additional setups – thus freeing up resources to let your business grow,” the spokesperson said.

Get that professional edge with extensive features like call forwarding, hunting groups, auto attendant and free internal calls between colleagues. You can easily get a cost-effective, personalised vPBX Solution, which is especially handy if you’re an organisation looking to scale up operations or even just starting out.

The Standard package plan will get most companies started, while the Infinity and Pro options offer the best value with unlimited local fixed and mobile calls. Moreover, when you choose Pro, you will also get the GO Communicator Mobile App included in the package. This way, you’re always reachable and never have to miss a beat.

How? You will receive all customer calls wherever you are and can reply immediately. Even when you’re abroad, as long as you have an internet connection you can call at no additional charges. Best of all, your personal number remains private since with Go Communicator customers can reach you everywhere on your business number, thus protecting your privacy and that of your family.

Interested? Get in touch today for more information about GO’s vPBX solutions! Email us on info@gobusiness.com.mt or visit https://www.go.com.mt/business/vpbx.

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