Go Opens Up Its Fibre Network To Power Other Operators

10th October 2018

The Malta Communications Authority described this as “a pioneering move."

GO plc and Vodafone Malta Ltd have reached a ground-breaking agreement whereby Vodafone will be able to provide Internet services over GO's FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) network in localities where this has been deployed in Malta and Gozo.

The Malta Communications Authority described this as “a pioneering move, for its extent and the efficiency by which the parties arrived to this commercial collaboration.”

“It is the first of its kind in Malta and will provide access to next generation Internet infrastructure over Fibre-to-the-Home technology. Consumers should benefit from more competitive pricing and better quality services due to faster fixed broadband from both service providers. A competitive environment will continue to flourish as the respective operators will provide different services based on their unique business strategies."

The fact that GO and Vodafone are sharing ready-built infrastructure also means that there will be less intervention in Malta’s urban and rural landscape.

“The agreement also has the potential to give further impetus, both to drive additional coverage of fibre–to-the-home in Malta, as well as to the take-up by consumers and business of ultra-fast Internet services,” the MCA said.

“The MCA had defined the regulatory requirements for such an agreement to be possible in line with EU norms, facilitated a successful outcome to the negotiations, and will continue to ensure the effective development of this venture.”

Both parties should finalise the technical details for this service to commence within the next six months.

“With this agreement, GO continues to confirm itself as the main investor in Malta’s successful telecommunications infrastructure, enabling operators to service their customers better,” said GO’s CEO Nikhil Patil.

“GO is proud that global brands acknowledge what we can offer them, and we are delighted that such operators choose our fibre network to keep providing their services to customers,” concluded Mr Patil.

18th October 2018

MeDirect has launched a new asset transfer promotion, giving customers a 0.5 per cent bonus on the value of investment securities transferred to MeDirect, by the 30th November 2018.

8th October 2018

The platform is a scalable, cloud-based phone system designed for businesses of all sizes.

5th October 2018

At the same time, 60 per cent of Maltese companies have identified motivating and retaining their staff as their top priority for the coming 12 months.

4th October 2018

“Malta’s shipyard in Cottonera is strategically positioned at the centre of our network, as we remain focused to tap every opportunity and continue expanding our network,” said President Antonio Palumbo.