Good sense and enforcement

13th September 2016

Malta Chamber applauds environment authority’s action to address irregularities in tuna farming industry, calls for good sense.

In a press release issued on 13th September, the Malta Chamber endorsed the environment authority’s action to address the irregularities which have persisted in the tuna farming industry to protect Malta's coastal areas which are of prime importance to our ecology and the tourism industry.

The Malta Chamber also applauded the fact that the parties concerned were actively working to finding the shortest and most secure route to compliance and normality.

"It is never easy and straightforward to address an issue which can have a negative facet on one side and a positive one on the other. Tackling such an issue requires unpassionate good sense and sound actions that reinforces compliance. Such is the recent case relating to the tuna farms" the statement said.

The Malta Chamber explained that the sensitive matter should not become politicised and technical, environmental and commercial considerations should lead the way to an equitable resolution in the shortest time possible. The tuna farming industry is a significant niche activity which is essentially Maltese bred and depends on the good reputation and excellence of our country with clients such as Japan.

"It is worth mentioning that this industry contributes more than Euro 150 million to our exports and provides direct employment to more than 300 employees. Besides a sizeable multiplier effect the sector generates a relatively high value added. Although our economy is doing well we cannot underestimate the importance of this industry but should strive to enable it to flourish even further."

In conclusion, the Malta Chamber solicited the environment authority and the operators to find an equitable solution that is practical, realistic and the least harmful to the industry in its approach but at the same time in line with the requirements of protecting our environment.

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Good sense and enforcement