Google's Wing Drones Will Be Tested Out In Europe Next Year

6th December 2018

Its aircraft will deliver packages weighing up to 1.5kg within minutes of an order being placed.

Google's parent company Alphabet has announced that it will test its drone delivery service in Finland next year.

Helsinki, the Finnish capital, will be the first European location for Wing, which has also been testing drones in Australia.

Its aircraft will deliver packages weighing up to 1.5kg within minutes of an order being placed.

Several companies, including Wing and Amazon, are developing drone delivery services but they have spent years in development without launching.

In December 2013, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos predicted his company's Prime Air delivery service would launch within five years, but the service remains in development.

Wing said its drones had made 55,000 journeys in Australia, delivering items such as medicine, coffee and household goods.

Customers will be able to place an order using a smartphone app and the drone delivery will be offered free of charge during the trial period.

Wing says drone delivery is "safer, faster and more environmentally friendly than ground delivery.”

Wing is part of Alphabet's Other Bets division, which includes self-driving car project Waymo and internet-delivery-balloon-maker Loon.

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