GoTo car sharing platform to launch new scooter service in December

Jo Caruana - 24th November 2019 

‘Our customers can now use the same app to pick the service they ’d like to use, including our scooters.’

Just over a year as Malta’s leading car sharing platform, GoTo has announced its transformation into a multi-vehicle platform, with the launch of its new scooter service in the first half of December.

Having launched in 2018, GoTo has already made its mark on the local mobility services sector, with over 11,000 users now registered and its fleet making an average of 750 trips per day across both its One-Way and Roundtrip solutions.

“Now, in adding scooters to our portfolio, we want to be able to address different mobility needs and provide our customers with the freedom to choose the solution that suits them best, from a comfort, pricing and convenience perspective,” explained Go-To CEO Liran Golan.

“Thus, the next step on that path is introducing our GoTo scooters. We’re launching this new service with 300 brand new electric vehicles. Our customers can now use the same app to pick the service they’d like to use, including our scooters,” he outlined.

As they are smaller and lighter, scooters present the ability for users to avoid most traffic situations and parking constraints, he continued. “They are particularly convenient for shorter trips,” Mr Golan said, “while cars are more comfortable for most people, especially for longer distances, groups, or when more storage space is needed.”

Just as with One-Way and Roundtrips, GoTo scooter rides can be booked through the convenient mobile app. Pleasingly, the CEO also explained that the map interface now includes filters everyone can use to hide or unhide mobility and parking options.

go to scooters

“By simply tapping one of our 300 scooters available on the map, our customers can book a trip and pay as little as €0.19 per minute on the Savings Plan, €0.20 per minute on the Standard Plan, or €0.21 per minute on our Basic Plan,” he asserted.

Explaining the safety information that users might need to know, Mr Golan explained that all customers need to be aware of, and follow, Maltese traffic legislation in every circumstance, including the use of helmets at all times while riding the scooters.

“A licence that allows riding two-wheel vehicles of 2.4kW or equivalent will also be required to be able to book a scooter ride,” he said. And while the majority of its users are individuals, GoTo has witnessed a marked rise in its business users in the past few months, with more and more companies keen to consider how a shared mobility model could help to provide an effective transport solution.

In this regard, GoTo’s effective business service, which provides businesses with plans that are catered to their needs, now also incorporates the scooter offering. “The rate for our business accounts is just €0.16+VAT per minute. Each business driver will need to have a valid licence according to our terms and conditions for using scooters,” the CEO said.

As a result, GoTo can now provide a well-rounded service for companies that once found it effective to own their own fleet for their employees to use. But, today, with costs rising and the traffic situation more challenging than ever before, business owners realise that the landscape has changed – and GoTo is able to seamlessly align with that.

“Businesses understand that it doesn’t make sense for their cars or scooters to be parked idly for so much during the day when they could be effectively sharing their fleet across more team members, or even with other organisations. The upshot is that this is both a cost-effective solution, and one that helps them to improve their corporate social responsibility from an environmental perspective,” he affirmed.

go to scooters

In fact, the environmental aspect is a key benefit for individual GoTo users too, who believe that car sharing – and now scooter sharing – reduces their environmental impact and is more sustainable than vehicle ownership.

Just like with their car counterparts, the new GoTo scooters provide for an end-to-end service, with users, thus, avoiding having to pay for licensing, insurance and petrol. “Over time the savings are tremendous,” Mr Golan said.

Moreover, just as with the car sharing side of things, it is very easy for scooter users to sign up to use GoTo. “With our mobile app, which is available from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, everyone can access all of our services.

Creating an account is incredibly easy: simply submit the required contact information, a copy of your ID card and driver’s licence, as well as your credit card details. It can all be done in the app itself, or on any browser by accessing,” he said.

Looking to the future, GoTo plans to continue improving its technology and service at every level, with the vision to become the leading option for everyone to move around Malta and Gozo.

“We’ll continue to understand and address consumer needs with sustainable, shared mobility solutions and, beyond that, we’re looking at multiple potential fronts for expanding our service. Besides adding new services, we’re investing in technologies such as AI to improve our existing offering by refining the distribution of our vehicles, our parking spaces and offering better pricing solutions. There is much more to come,” Mr Golan concluded.

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GoTo car sharing platform to launch new scooter service in December