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GoTo donates part of revenue from Roundtrip service throughout October to support Breast Cancer Awareness

16th October 2020

Malta’s multi-modal vehicle sharing platform will donate part of the revenue from Roundtrips in October to Action for Breast Cancer Awareness in Malta

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GoTo will be promoting breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October through their Roundtrips service.

As well as displaying a pink ribbon on each side of every car in its Roundtrips fleet, GoTo will also donate a part of its revenue generated from the Roundtrips service to a local organisation that works towards raising awareness – and supports vital research and treatment – of breast cancer in Malta.

“As a company, we are proud to support the good cause of breast cancer awareness by donating part of our Roundtrip rides revenue to the Action for Breast Cancer Awareness organisation, and by installing pink ribbons on our Roundtrip vehicles to create more awareness for passers-by,” says GoTo CEO Gordon Bugeja. “We feel that awareness towards cancer is never enough, so we are pleased that we will be helping such an organisation, especially during these challenging times that the world is going through”.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related mortality for women across the globe, with 15.4 per cent of all cancer patients having breast cancer in Malta alone during 2018. To further boost awareness of this devastating disease in Malta, GoTo will also be sharing Breast Aware tips provided by the Foundation on its social media channels throughout October.

GoTo is a multi-modal vehicle sharing service provider, with a mission to reduce the number of privately-owned vehicles in cities around the world by offering innovative travel alternatives such as shared electric cars and scooters. Launched in Malta in 2018, GoTo covers all personal mobility needs with one membership and one exclusive app, so that you will always have a convenient, affordable, sustainable and safe form of transport available to you.

Alongside the One-Way and GoTo scooters services, GoTo Malta’s Roundtrips vehicles offer the ideal solution for going shopping, sightseeing, for work meetings or whenever you need a car for a longer period. The user-friendly service, which can be booked up to three months in advance, involves simply picking up and dropping back the car to the same location. You also have the option of paying per hour and per kilometre, with rates starting from €3.49 per hour at €0.40 per kilometre, or per day and per kilometre, from €25.99 per day at €0.40 per kilometre. What’s more – GoTo will even refund you the ferry ticket when using a Roundtrip vehicle to visit Gozo.

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GoTo donates part of revenue from Roundtrip service throughout October to support Breast Cancer Awareness