GoTo One-Way fleet saves 1,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions

Jo Caruana - 3rd November 2019 

‘We believe that we will fulfil our mission of improving urban lifestyles by developing shared transportation solutions and providing freedom of mobility’.

GoTo – Malta’s leading car sharing solution – has registered 1,000 tonnes in CO2 emission savings, with each of its vehicles potentially replacing 16 cars in the streets, thus reducing traffic, pressure for parking and pollution, the firm’s CEO Liran Golan said.

Having set up and opened its doors in 2018, the organisation has built a diverse team that has managed to effectively carve a niche in the industry by offering mobility sharing.

Mr Golan said it has been incredible to see the team grow since the enterprise opened its doors, and to get stronger as valuable talent joined in, simultaneously bringing different skills and backgrounds to the table. “That, in itself, generated a huge impact in the way we operate and sustain growth,” he said. This forward-looking approach ties in with GoTo’s vision to become the preferred way people move around in Malta and Gozo.

“We want our customers to feel like, if it’s worth making the trip, then the best way to get there is with GoTo,” he continued. “We believe that we will fulfil our mission of improving urban lifestyles by developing shared transportation solutions and providing freedom of mobility.” Mr Golan stated he believes the company’s team is constantly growing stronger because everyone in it shares that vision.

GoTo Cars

Together, they passionately work around the clock to make sure their customers get the best experience possible, whether by making their vehicles available in the most demanding areas, providing excellent support, or acting fast to solve the technical issues that inevitably arise.

“And we don’t only want to be the preferred mobility solution because of the quality of our service,” he asserted. “But, also because we believe that the world can be better if we learn to share more. Sharing means treating everything with more respect, because we consciously acknowledge the next person. Because we arethe next person. And because, by doing that, we can all bring more balance to the planet – by consuming less, by needing to produce less, and by using more of what’s already available.”

With this in mind, GoTo is building a company culture around these beliefs and centred on core values that include integrity, trust, passion, diversity, commitment to customers and teamwork. “That creates accountability and synergy inside the team. And you can feel the energy that comes from that as soon as you step in our office. We’re incredibly proud of it,” the CEO smiled.

It is a strategy that is working from both from a bottom-line perspective and in the competitive world of human resources, as the team has grown to over 30 people in just a year. “The best thing about that is they are all crazy about making the GoTo experience better,” Mr Golan continued, explaining that he drives every team member to, not only understand what the company does, but to embrace its wider mission.

“To achieve that, we have an open communication channel across the entire company. We also hold monthly meetings with everyone to share where our business stands, its accomplishments, and our goals and plans for the future. In doing that, we believe we can bring – and keep – everyone on board and continue to be mission-driven.” Diversity is also a crucial factor at GoTo, with the company having a lot of its background and technology coming from its team in Israel.

GoTo Cars

“Diversity is in our DNA, and we believe that the mixture of different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds is a key ingredient of our success so far,” Mr Golan stated.

The company doesn’t need to look too far to see how it’s playing out, either. In its leadership team alone, Mr Golan is Israeli; its COO, Liana Cremona, is Maltese; and its CMO, Johnny Tominaga, is Brazilian.

“They all bring unique takes to every situation, which incentivises discussion and allows for more creative approaches to every challenge we face – and that is then passed on across the entire organisation,” Mr Golan said.

Sustainability, meanwhile, is at the centre of everything the company does – from the vehicles it offers and its range of services, to the selection of materials it uses in its office. “Having 85 per cent of our fleet made up of electric vehicles is an obvious example, but the fact that we’re offering shared mobility solutions is also a key aspect when it comes to how we think of bringing sustainability to the market.”

Now – with a year behind them – the whole team is ready to take their shared GoTo vision to the next level, beginning by tirelessly seeking great talent and ensuring every member of the team shares a common vision. “We plan to keep expanding by understanding different consumer mobility needs and addressing them with great shared mobility solutions,” Mr Golan concluded.

This interview initially featured in the October edition of The Malta Business Observer.

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