GoTo’s car sharing service sees increasing uptake in membership

Jo Caruana - 3rd August 2019

Each GoTo car potentially replaces 43 private cars on the roads,” explains company CEO Liran Golan.

Car sharing service, GoTo, has seen a steady rise in the number of clients signing up to use the firm’s shared vehicles, with over 8,000 members enlisting since the company was set up in October 2018.

“Car sharing is already a successful part of the sharing economy,” CEO Liran Golan said, “and it is set to grow even further. It has become very effective across a number of countries, including Malta, and, increasingly, it is being seen as a tool for business clients as well as individual consumers.”

Indeed, the car sharing service has given many companies an effective solution that provides complete flexibility to their teams, without the need for major financial investment, the CEO explained, going on to state that more and more companies on the island are becoming concerned about the logistics of getting staff to and from work.

This is especially true for global companies with international team members who do not choose to own their own vehicle on the island, Mr Golan said. As a result, GoTo’s mission is “to improve urban lifestyles by developing shared transport solutions and providing the freedom of mobility.” To achieve this, it has put over 180 shared vehicles onto the roads in Malta and Gozo, along with over 450 exclusive car parking spaces, and made these available by use of its app.

Liran Gold GoTo CEO

GoTo Cars CEO Liran Golan

“Each GoTo car potentially replaces 43 private cars on the roads,” explained Mr Golan, who was also part of the company’s successful roll out in Israel. “That generates over 650 tons in CO2 emission savings, which means that car sharing can also contribute to a company’s environmental and CSR targets.” GoTo members can make use of either one of its two main services – One-Way and Roundtrips.

One-Way trips are designed for short journeys, like getting to and from work, or heading to the airport. The service is extremely effective because users can book instantly, can use any GoTo parking spot, and will only pay per minute for the time they are driving to their destination. “It provides an effective way of getting from A to B,” Mr Golan said.

“A member can, say, jump in the car in Sliema and drive home to Ta’ Xbiex, where they will be able to park in a designated GoTo spot. It’s all done online, meaning there are no keys to pick up and no money to hand over, so it’s quick and easy, with parking spots and cars located all over the island.

The Roundtrip service was launched more recently, and designed for longer trips, so users can make different stops on their journey. “This service is a little different because users pick a car up and then return it to the same location at the end of their time with it; in between, they can go to as many destinations as they need to. In this case, payment is per hour and per kilometre. Bookings can be made up to three months in advance, allowing for longer term planning.”

Of course, company car ownership does come with a number of perks, but Mr Golan explained that car sharing compares very favourably and actually works out to be cheaper. It is also cheaper than traditional car rental and using taxis or cabs.

GoTo Cars

“Our research shows that company car ownership works out to €9.20 per day for a small car, with €80 fuel per month, and yearly insurance and licensing fees. With GoTo, the equivalent works out to €8.80 per day for 40 minutes of driving on the Business Plan rate at €0.22 per minute, and everything is taken care of. There are so many benefits, including the fact that it is more environmentally friendly, has transparent costs, includes free reserved parking, licensing and insurance, and is flexible to scale,” he asserted.

And there are a variety of plans to consider for businesses keen to consider GoTo, and these could bring costs down even further. GoTo offers solutions for businesses that want to provide employees with a transportation solution for business situations, like going to meetings or going shopping, and also for companies that want to offer GoTo as an employee benefit by granting them with minutes covered by the company. Getting set up on GoTo is as simple for businesses as it is for regular users, and registration only takes a few minutes, Mr Golan explained, going on to encourage interested parties to download the app and create an account or, alternatively, to email the firm.

GoTo Cars

“We will be able to put them in touch with one of our dedicated B2B sales representatives and meet them in person. This gives us the chance to specifically understand any of their transport needs, and to discuss special offers, plans and trial packages,” the CEO explained. Concluding,

Mr Golan reiterated the positive outlook for the company. “The great news is that we know it is working. Companies across the island are making the switch and they are feeling the benefits. Now we look forward to working with more and more of them, and to showcasing the many benefits of the car sharing model, and the wider sharing economy, for Malta.” Visit or email for more information on GoTo’s car sharing service.

This case study initially appeared in the July edition of The Malta Business Observer.

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