GoTo’s new car sharing business plans launched to provide ‘win-win’ solutions

9th October 2019 

‘Using our new B1, B2, and B3 plans, our business clients can purchase bundles of minutes, so entire teams can benefit from sharing them from a single account’.

With the knowledge that the business community has very particular transportation needs when compared to that of individual car drivers, GoTo has launched its new, dedicated business plans, chief marketing officer Johnny Tominaga said.

“Using our new B1, B2, and B3 plans, our business clients can purchase bundles of minutes, so entire teams can benefit from sharing them from a single account,” Mr Tominga explained in comments to The Malta Business Observer.

“This makes it easier for employees to gain access to our service. It is also more transparent for employers to track the usage among their employees, so they can get a comprehensive picture of their transportation habits.”

As the island’s only car sharing solution, GoTo has been leading the way in this area. The company launched in 2018, and has witnessed a surge in popularity since then, with 10,000 users now registered and its fleet now making an average of 670 trips per day across both its One-Way and Roundtrip solutions.

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And, while the majority of its users are individuals, GoTo has witnessed a marked rise in its business users in the past few months, with more and more companies keen to consider how a shared mobility model could help to provide an effective transport solution.

“In the past, many companies found it effective to own their own fleet of cars and for their employees to use that fleet,” the chief marketing officer explained. “But, today, costs are rising and business owners realise that the landscape has changed. They understand that it doesn’t make sense for their cars to be parked idly for so much of the day when they could be, effectively, sharing their fleet across more team members through car sharing, or even with other organisations. The upshot is that this is both a cost-effective solution, and one that helps them to improve their corporate social responsibility from an environmental perspective.”

Traffic and congestion is, indeed, a huge inconvenience to individual drivers on the road, but it can be completely debilitating for businesses. In fact, stalled commutes, tardy team members, and the increasing cost of fleet ownership have encouraged business owners around the world to consider their options when it comes to their staff’s mobility.

In the US, for example, Zipcar – the world’s largest car sharing and car club service – has reported that 20 per cent of its customers are now business users, and that percentage is growing. Of that group, about one-fifth of them claim to have sold a vehicle in favour of car sharing, while another fifth have postponed purchasing a car to join the service.

This has corresponded to approximately 33,000 total vehicles removed thanks to Zipcar. In Finland, City Car Club – a car sharing company based in Helsinki – also reported that one-fifth of its customers are now business users. Meanwhile, BMW’s 2018 decision to acquire car sharing company DriveNow is a huge testament to the importance of shared mobility solutions for the future of transportation.

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That service is now helping its corporate clients reduce the total cost of mobility by up to 30 per cent, while also contributing to traffic reduction with a shared vehicle replacing up to 15 cars on the roads. In line with developments away from Malta’s shores, GoTo has also created a service which makes mobility incredibly cost efficient, Mr Tominga said. This is because companies don’t need to pay for licensing, gas, the spare time cars sit parked, or have team members waste precious time waiting for a taxi.

In addition to that, GoTo’s reserved parking saves precious time when team members are heading out or returning to the office. “If you multiply this by what each employee could produce, the savings at the end of any given period are tremendous,” Mr Tominga asserted.

Beyond that, businesses can now also offer GoTo as an employee benefit with the company’s E1, E2 and E3 Plans. For as little as €99 per month, teams of up to 15 employees can get minutes to use GoTo on their own personal accounts.

Alternatively, for only €249, teams with up to 100 employees can start using the service with initial funding being granted by their companies. “We believe this is a great way for companies to incentivise shared mobility, and benefit their employees at a considerably low cost,” he continued.

GoTo Cars

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“It’s win-win – very cost-effective and, with each of these plans, businesses contribute to the environment and generate tons of savings in CO2 emissions.” Mr Tominga also underlined the point that GoTo knows each business is different, and that every single company has its own needs, which is exactly why the company’s packages are so flexible.

“Trends make clear just how effective car sharing can be for business, and Maltese companies are ready to reap the benefits from this as well,” he said.

He also outlined the ease at which businesses can sign up. “Businesses can create an account by simply visiting and filling in the quick sign-up form. We’ll then contact them to validate the account, present plans and pricing options, and discuss which would suit them best.

Once we agree upon the best option, the selected plan will be assigned to their account, and their team can jump behind the wheel of a GoTo car at their convenience. It really is business mobility made simple,” he concluded.

9th October 2019

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GoTo’s new car sharing business plans launched to provide ‘win-win’ solutions