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Government announces staggered approach to ensure ‘smooth’ return to school

25th September 2020

Parents are free to decide what to do

A staggered approach will be taken to assure a smooth transition back to school and educators to continue with their preparations, the Education and Employment Ministry said.

Stressing that quality education for children is best delivered in person and in schools, it warned that students are likely to suffer from the greatest harm if they do not attend school.

The education authorities, the Government said, have ensured that all measures prescribed in the guidelines for the re-opening of schools are adhered to. Independent risk assessors, registered with the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, are inspecting each school to certify whether prescribed measures were successfully implemented, the Education and Employment Ministry said in a press release issued on Friday morning.

The education authorities have appealed for everybody’s cooperation so all measures are adhered to at all times.

Educators will return to school this coming Monday, however, children and students attending compulsory education in State Schools will not start schooling on 30th September but on different dates, according to their year group, over a period of not more than one week starting from 7th October, with all students being be back to school by 14th October.

The Education Ministry reminded parents and custodians they are free to choose whether to send their children to school and they will only need to inform the school with their respective decision.

Everyone's decision will be respected and, during the scholastic year, pre-recorded lessons on the internet (online) will be made available, it said.

The Foundation for Educational Services will be extending its ‘Bridge Holidays’ service from 7am to 2.30pm free of charge in all its centres between 30th September and 13th October. The Foundation will also be offering in its centres the Club 3-16 service from 2.30pm to 6pm as from 30th September.

Government announces staggered approach to ensure ‘smooth’ return to school