Government Commits To Improving Infrastructure And Quality Of Life In Pre-Budget Document

18th September 2017

Infrastructural improvements and new capital projects are among the priorities listed in the Government’s pre-budget document, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Infrastructural improvements and new capital projects are among the priorities listed in the Government’s pre-budget document, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

“During the legislative period of 2013 to 2017, the Labour Government achieved a number of economic objectives including unprecedented economic growth, low rates of unemployment, low inflation and a financial surplus. Furthermore, during these four years, the Government continued to generate policies that have contributed to greater social justice and higher levels of social inclusion,” the document reads.

“Increases in pensions, the lowering of prices for energy and water, tax exemptions on pensions and the reforms in social security benefits aimed at making work pay, have all contributed to reducing those at risk of poverty. Social inclusions meant more women entering the labour market because of free childcare and the taper of benefits as well as increasing the involvement of vulnerable people as more disabled persons entered into employment. Revising the means test meant more citizens becoming eligible for free prescription drugs. The revisions in the carers allowance have facilitated the process that allows our senior citizens to continue to live in their own homes and in their communities.”

The document stated that the Government aims to continue turning manifesto pledges into concrete policy proposals, and promises into policy implementation that will continue to improve the quality of life of Malta’s citizens as deemed fit for a modern and successful economy.

“The Government is committed to major improvements in our infrastructure including providing for better roads and safer pavements for pedestrians. In addition, there will be new capital projects that ensure the continued security of the nation.”

“The building of new hospital, the modernisation of health centres and the introduction of new medicines will ensure that our citizens will continue to receive high quality health care. Our young people will have more choices in their education pathways that will allow them to move into high quality jobs in the future.”

“In addition, the Government is committed to the continued reduction in poverty risks in particular amongst children and the elderly. The prosperous economy allows the Government to provide the funding necessary for Malta’s economic success.”

View the full Pre-Budget Document here

20th September 2017

Government wants to “make an exception” for digital companies and tax them on revenues earned in the countries where they are providing services rather than on profits, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said this morning, addressing a pre-Budget breakfast.

15th September 2017

In a statement issued on Friday, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, GRTU, Malta Employers Association and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association said that the electoral promise to compensate workers for public holidays that fall on a weekend continued to be of grave concern to Malta's employer bodies.

14th September 2017

Improving the quality of life in Malta, particularly through infrastructure, education and health care, will be prioritised in the upcoming budget, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said.

13th September 2017

The Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG), a Maltese NGO dedicated to bicycle commuting, has called presented its proposals for Budget 2018, including incentivising commercial entities to make deliveries using bicycles.