Gozitan students feel benefits of fourth Gozo ferry

21st August 2019 

Gozitan students have felt the benefits of an added Gozo ferry, experiencing reduced waiting times and a smoother journey overall.

As commuters who face a difficult journey travelling to the University of Malta frequently, Gozitan students know all too well what it means to face excessive queues and delays when travelling between Malta and Gozo.

In comments given to MaltaToday by Gozo University Group (GUG) president Renée Formosa, it was said that the fourth ferry had made a “world of a difference, clearly showing how useful it was.”

Criticism has been levelled against the fourth ferry by other commuters because it is not equipped with a lift and has other problems of accessibility as it is not as modern as the three other ferries.

GUG had been against the proposed permanent link between Malta and Gozo in the form of a tunnel, with Formosa telling MaltaToday that the group’s position comes from a survey conducted in 2018 where it found that many were in favour of the tunnel because it was the only idea brought forward for better connectivity between the sister islands.

The fourth Gozo ferry was added to the fleet at the beginning of June. On Tuesday, Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana announced it was here to stay, rather than being leased for the summer months only as initially planned.

Dr Caruana said that the fourth ferry would remain until a tender is issued for a replacement, presumably for a more modernised ship.

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