Gozo Employees Association questions need for tunnel following success of fourth ferry

Helena Grech - 28th August 2019 

AGEM believes any studies related to the tunnel should take the current situation into consideration.

The Association of Gozo Employees (AGEM) has questioned the need for a tunnel permanently linking Malta and Gozo when considering the success attained by adding a fourth ferry.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, AGEM also called on the government to publish all studies related to the tunnel as soon as they are completed in order to “ease scrutiny”.

It added that the studies should not only take into consideration the environmental impact and feasibility of the mammoth project, but it should also take into consideration how the project will be impacted with a fourth ferry operating on a full-time basis.

This was added at the beginning of June, and despite not having the most modern facilities, many have expressed their joy at having waiting-times reduced.

The association said that in addition to reducing waiting-times at either ports, the fourth ferry has actually served to reduce traffic jams in Cirkewwa, further reducing commute times.

AGEM remarked that it was “extremely satisfied with the current Gozo Channel Timetable and the frequency with which all the four ferries are working”.

“It is evident that in the drafting of the timetable, the needs and hardships faced by Gozitan employees working in Malta, were taken into consideration,” the association said.

Rebecca Anastasi - 29th August 2019

Dr Louise Spiteri, ERA CEO, said that the new regulations will, firstly, require operators of medium combustion plants – whether new or already in existence - to obtain a permit from the entity.

28th August 2019

In 2017, 81.3% of households in Malta owned their own property, significantly surpassing the euro area average of 66.1%, according to the report.


27th August 2019

A pre-budget document shows the government’s priorities are safeguarding the environment and the promotion of social justice, among others.

27th August 2019

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana had said the fourth ship is here to stay pending the release of a tender to replace it with a more modern vessel.