Grimaldi Group announces innovative, eco-friendly vessels at annual Malta summer event

21st June 2019

Investment in retrofits for the Grimaldi Group's vessels is forecast to save around one million tons of CO2.

The Grimaldi Group has embarked on a massive investment program which will see the group take delivery of 12 specially designed hybrid vessles, equipped with large Lithium-ion batteries to guarantee zero emissions in port.

At the Grimaldi Group summer event held in Malta, details about the hybrid ‘RoRo’ vessels were revealed. Beyond the environmental benefits, the vessels are also designed to take on double the load capacity of existing vessels in service, taking in over 500 trailer units. This maximisation of economy of scale serves the Group well by increasing revenue while maintaining running costs, however it also serves an environmental purpose with less vessel-trips ultimately being required.

In addition, it has also invested in retrofits for their vessels, guaranteeing savings of around one million tons of CO2.

A total of 38 vessels have benefited from re-blading while 5 vessels benefited from re-bulb works.

Ernest Sullivan, Managing Director of Malta Motorways of the Sea and CEO of Sullivan Maritime Ltd, welcomed guests to the annual summer event which was held at the Hilton Quarterdeck. He introduced Dr Eugenio Grimaldi, Line Manager for Italy-Malta Short Sear Services of Grimaldi Group. Also in attendance was Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Minister Ian Borg, together with the Italian ambassador to Malta, Mario Sammartino.

The Grimaldi Group, Naples is represented in Malta by Sullivan Maritime Limited.

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