Guidelines for Businesses for the New Driving Penalty points System

The Malta Chamber reminds its members that as from the 1st of December, the new penalty point system for driving contraventions has been extended to all drivers.

The new system which was already in place for those drivers who got their driving license after 2004 will now be extended to all drivers. For a full list of all driving contraventions and the corresponding points kindly click on the following link:

The new system allows everyone to register on the LES eServices portal on the following link

 By registering you will be allowed to assign vehicles to a particular driver/s and check all outstanding contraventions amongst other services.

Commercial Vehicles

Since most commercial vehicles are registered under the business owner or director’s name, the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) is giving the ability to assign a contravention to the person driving the vehicle at the date, time and place of the said contravention. This applies only in cases where the contravention does not entail stopping the vehicle itself, such as in the case of over speeding captured by speed cameras.

The person on whom the vehicle is registered is allowed to fill in and upload on the LES online system a declaration which needs to be signed by both the actual driver at the time of the contravention and the registered owner of the vehicle. This declaration can only be uploaded within 15 days from the date of issue of the ticket and can only be done on contraventions which have not yet been settled. The declaration can be found on the following link:

The Chamber suggests to keep a time log of who is using a commercial vehicle at any time of day in case the authorities ask for further evidence.

Leased or rented vehicles

In the case of leased or rented vehicles, it is of utmost importance that the rental or lease agreement is uploaded together with the declaration form. If the rental/lease agreement is uploaded, the contravention would be issued on the person who was driving the vehicle at the date, time and place of contravention.

The Malta Chamber is currently consulting the authorities to make further improvements to the system especially in the case of commercial vehicles. We will keep you updated once these developments happen.

Guidelines for Businesses on Driving Penalty Points System