Half Of The Most Popular World Heritage Sites Are In The EU

Marie-Claire Grima - 9th January 2018

2018, the year that sees Valletta holding the title of European Capital of Culture, is also the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Half of the 20 most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Wikipedia are located in the European Union.

According to the results of a major data pilot project published by Eurostat, Paris - Banks of the Seine (almost 7 million views) and Historic Centre of Rome (almost 6 million views) are the most popular out of more than a thousand UNESCO World Heritage Sites being consulted on Wikipedia.

Eurostat said that these were experimental statistics resulting from a big data pilot project on using people's behaviour online, in particular on the use of Wikipedia, as a data source.

“Page views of Wikipedia articles focusing on around 1000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites have been analysed. One or more Wikipedia articles (in 31 language versions of the Wikipedia) were associated to each heritage site and the total number of page views was taken as a measure of the popularity of the sites.”

2018, the year that sees Valletta holding the title of European Capital of Culture, is also the European Year of Cultural Heritage, with the EU aiming to raise awareness of the social and economic importance of cultural heritage.

The 10 Most Popular UNESCO Heritage Sites in the EU

1. Paris, Banks of the Seine

2. Historic Centre of Rome

3. Auschwitz Birkenau

4. Historic Centre of Vienna

5. Budapest

6. Historic Centre of Prague

7. Archaeological Areas of Pompei

8. Venice and its Lagoon

9. Historic Centre of Warsaw

10. Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

Source: Wikipedia

10th January 2018

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