Helga Ellul Calls On Private Sector To Continue Investing In Its Workforce

13th March 2019

"I have always believed that Malta’s biggest asset is its human resource," the former Chamber President said.

Former President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry Helga Ellul called on the private sector to continue to invest in its workforce through the numerous training and life-long-learning opportunities that exist even via European Membership.

“As a former Chamber President, I have always believed that Malta’s biggest asset is its human resource. Back in the 1970s when I first relocated to Malta, I believed in the Maltese workforce.  The German owners of the company and other FDIs shared the same thoughts and financed training programmes for these young manual workers in order to reskill or upskill them.”

“Fast forward to today, and many small operations that began their voyage with Malta’s first steps in its industrial journey have now been transformed into much larger operations employing thousands of well-paid professionals and trained employees in their respective fields.”

Mrs Ellul said that this was not a question of cheap labour, but rather because many foreign direct investors, initially in the manufacturing, but more recently in the services sector have always believed in investing in Maltese workers.

“Malta’s workforce has been traditionally adept to changes and willing to learn and share best practices from across the globe. This adaptability helped numerous FDIs to flourish in Malta over the decades.”

“I am more than certain that, if given the right assistance, our workforce will continue to adapt to the international competition and technological disruptions we will be facing in the years to come.”

13th March 2019

Sonia Hernandez said telecommunications was a key sector for the further growth of Malta's economy.

Mr Farrugia introduced the morning’s themes, which were comprised of competitiveness, skills and the labour market, innovation and sustainable development.

13th March 2019

Participating entrepreneurs will discuss themes such as skills in the modern labour market, competitiveness, sustainable development and research, development and innovation.

13th March 2019

Mr Leitl spoke of the important role that business people and entrepreneurs played within the social ecosystem, and the need for there to be backing from other sectors of society in order for this role to be effective.