Honda To Invest Nearly 3 Billion Dollars On Self-Driving Cars

4th October 2018

Honda said it wanted to develop a self-driving car that could be mass-produced.

Japanese carmaker Honda is to invest $2.75bn (€2.39bn) and take a stake in General Motors' self-driving unit, GM Cruise.

Honda said it wanted to develop a self-driving car that could be mass-produced.

San Francisco-based GM Cruise, which developed Chevy's first driverless cars, states that the technology it is working on allows self-driving cars to see more than a human driver would, since each car would have 10 cameras installed, taking photos at a frequency of 10 shots per second.

"We see more of what is going on around the car at any given time than a driver can," GM Cruise said.

The race to develop autonomous vehicles is becoming more and more competitive, with Toyota and Softbank creating a new venture to develop transport services using autonomous vehicles.

However, a series of accidents have left some consumers wary of driverless cars.

Ridesharing company Uber briefly suspended self-driving cars tests in March after a fatal accident in the US, while a self-driving car owned by Apple was involved in an accident early in September.


5th October 2018

290,000 of the cars affected were in Europe.


3rd October 2018

The scheme works by enabling the public to use cars for one-way journeys placed at strategic spots around the island.


26th September 2018

Ola Kaellenius will also be the first Daimler boss without a mechanical engineering background.


24th September 2018

"We have come to the conclusion that we would like our future to be diesel-free," said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume.