How Being Agile Keeps Blexr Ahead Of The Game

Marie-Claire Grima - 12th November 2018

Eduardo dos Remedios, COO at performance marketing company Blexr, discusses the product development process, what makes Blexr unique, and the company’s exciting upcoming plans.

Eduardo dos Remedios’s career has taken him from Gibraltar to Montenegro to Malta, working in both technology and product roles with large established operators, as well as smaller companies with a start-up culture. He joined Blexr in the summer of 2017 as head of product operations and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in February 2018.

“I want to build a truly Lean enterprise and to ensure that Agile competencies are enhanced and that Blexr builds the right muscle memory to operate in a Lean fashion. This appealed to the two owners of the company, who were looking for someone to lead them on their journey, someone who had the experience, passion and creativity required. Most importantly, they wanted someone who was people-focused.” He fit the bill perfectly.

“At Blexr, I make sure people are working on the right things at the right time, and that value is being created for our staff, customers, partners – and our owners – in a sustainable way,” Mr dos Remedios says. “I also need to make sure our teams have a high level of autonomy, but at the same time are in tune with our objectives. We like to bake insight, innovation and quality into the way we work. Last but not least is our need to find, develop and retain top talent. Blexr is a place where people can work hard, learn and have fun along the way. I believe that getting our staff to push themselves and succeed is when the magic happens. I enjoy witnessing that magic.”

To support this, Blexr is working on an exciting internal communications initiative. “One of the outcomes will be the publication of the Blexr Book of Culture. This manual will belong to our staff, it will help them understand our values and what we believe in. It’ll make them feel welcomed, engaged and part of the greater community – and that’s the Blexr way.”

Mr dos Remedios explains that Blexr has its own technology platform, “one we can refine and improve very quickly without relying on third-party vendors. The entire company, from finance to HR to design to development, has been trained to implement the SAFe framework, as part of our Agile transformation.”

He says that adopting a Lean-Agile methodology to the company’s work affords it with a faster time to market, increased levels of productivity and reduced waste, “as well as happier, more motivated staff.”

“We have a close working relationship with the operators and in addition we ensure that our commercial and product teams keep up-to-date with the evolving regulatory landscape. Furthermore, the entire company works with OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – which provide a level of transparency and shared understanding that’s very rare in the industry. When coupled with the SAFe framework, this provides us with a significant advantage,” Mr dos Remedios adds.

However, he is keen to emphasise that the company has to continue to improve in the areas which provide Blexr with a competitive advantage, “and that we do not take our foot off the gas.”

“Our product development process is geared towards being able to react to changes, fast. Owning our own platform allows us to adapt quickly and respond to external compliance requirements. We must not be afraid to pivot if we discover something is not working as expected. We must keep an eye on the horizon, as the landscape is constantly changing, and we must be ready to embrace change and react quickly.”

Having worked in so many different locations around the world, I ask what he thinks of Malta as a hub for the iGaming industry. “Malta is indeed a hub, meaning those working in the industry have the opportunity to further their careers without having to endure complex international relocations,” Mr dos Remedios says.

“The industry employs a fairly young demographic, who enjoy the Maltese lifestyle. The excellent weather, coupled with a good quality of life, is a pull to those looking at job postings from an office in a cold, wet, northern European city.”

“From a corporate perspective, the costs associated with operating a business in Malta, especially in iGaming, are attractive. However, finding office space is a challenge in Malta and the road and transport infrastructure could be improved. The amount of traffic on the roads has increased significantly over the past few years and commuting times are ever increasing. I’ve swapped a car for a bicycle and now arrive to work in half the time compared to when I drove – and that’s before you factor in the time it takes to find a car park space!”

Blexr has risen to the challenge of finding office space in Malta, recently signing a lease for a new, additional space locally, and is currently busy refurbishing it, ready for its opening in January. And the company has international plans too.

“We’ll continue to focus on markets that are currently regulated and those newly emerging. To support the growth of the business we’re opening a new office in Barcelona next year.

“This is an exciting step for Blexr, one that the team is working hard on, and we look forward to continued growth next year.”

This article originally appeared in iGaming Capital

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