‘How on point, is your AI-Marketing game?’

18th December 2019

The event gave a broad background about the disruptive technology, as it attempted to answer the pertinent questions that businesses would have about it.

The marketing committee within the Malta Chamber organised an event dedicated to the ever-growing, phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence and how the technology is expected to affect the world of Marketing.

‘How on point, is your AI-Marketing game?’, gave a broad background about the disruptive technology, as it attempted to answer the pertinent questions that businesses would have about it. The event featured input from accademia, industry, Tech.MT as well as legal.

Welcoming guests, the Chamber President Perit David Xuereb noted how AI surrounded us, and every aspect of our lives, as it characterised our personal lives as consumers and in our professional lives as people in business.

David Xuereb

Mr Xuereb explained how the Malta Chamber was taking a proactive role to help its members better understand how AI can be useful to them. He noted how in October the Chamber teamed up with Google Developers Group and hosted ‘AI readiness workshop’ which offered an opportunity to businesses to understand if their businesses were ready to take the full advantages of this new technology.

“As a Chamber we are committed to contribute towards helping developing the necessary talent, investment, and ecosystem to allow the AI sector to flourish, from start-ups to bigger tech leaders. Positioning our companies as disrupters rather than followers can attract positive social and economic transformation for businesses to shape Malta’s future” Perit Xuereb said.

The Chamber President also remarked that on a wider scale, the Chamber had partnered with Government and created Tech.MT, with the aim to position Malta as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, and promote Malta as a suitable set-up for foreign direct investment, while also promoting the local technological industries abroad.

John Abela

Dr John Abela, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology delivered a key-note speech which provided a background into how AI works and how this is expected to completely disrupt the way business is done.

Dr Abela explained how there is no magic behind the technology and the remarkable achievements obtained by it, while the fruit of the technology itself was its ability to learn, and teach itself efficient ways how to solve problems.

Marketing Audience 2

Ms Sarah Suda, Solution Delivery Manager at EBO.ai, provided insites on how her organisation was using AI to carve itself a niche in the market of automated chatbots.

Ms Suda spoke about the challenges of adapting to an ever-changing technological landscape, and how the current marketing practices and upcoming trends were expected to disrupt business models. Ms Suda then proceeeded to describe practical examples of how AI in marketing works in practice, and finally how natural language processing and conversational AI work.

Sarah Suda

A panel discussion moderated by Jo Caruana ensued with the participation of Carm Cachia—Chief Administrator eSkills Malta Foundation, Francois Grech—Deputy Chair Tech.MT and Dr Jackie Mallia—Equinox Advisory.

Marketing Committee chair Mr Louis Olivieri concluded the event with a round-up of the main take-aways, and most salient points by the speakers.

Louis Olivieri

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