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How retailers are using social media to reach GenZ and beyond

30th November 2020

The eSkills Malta Foundation believes that social media marketing can span generations as retailers find the best ways to crack this

This article was penned by Claude Calleja, Executive at the eSkills Malta Foundation, an initiative launched by the Government in 2014 to have a specific entity that focuses on digital skills

TikTok is the new kid on the social media block and retailers are struggling to keep a grip on the market without losing the lucrative GenZ market. New data shows that a new way of shopping is being embraced enthusiastically by the younger generation, especially the 20 and 30-year-olds. Although many retailers already understand how these shoppers differ from older generations, including Millennials, brands need to focus more on the challenges and opportunities that come with trying to reach them.

The eSkills Malta Foundation affirms that when GenZ shoppers see photos on social media, they should be able to easily find the products on websites as well as in brick-and-mortar shops. Before posting on social media: one must remember that they also need to interact with their customers on these platforms.

Additionally, the eSkills Malta Foundation believes that social media marketing can span generations as retailers find the best ways to crack this. Clothing retailers that want to reach GenZ would be well advised to invest in digital advertising, as many GenZ and Millennial customers value the proactive, personalised experience that online banner ads bring to advertising. Social media and digital marketing should dominate marketing strategies with retailers using media interactively to inspire and engage the next generation.

The problem for retailers is the pace of innovation in social media and the changing shopping habits of the younger generation. If one is marketing for GenZ, they should ask them to discuss one’s products on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. To best communicate with them on these platforms, it is important to understand how members of this generation use the platforms. For GenZ, social media and apps are all about personal interaction.

One must try to reach out to influencers, customers who have a large following on social media, to market and endorse one’s business. When one looks at Generation Z and Millennials, one must consider the fact that most of this cohort have already shopped on Amazon, eBay and branded websites. So, to find the most effective ways to reach these generations through social media, one needs to consider in practise what added value they can be offer over and above these mentioned channels.

Moreover, online shopping statistics show that more than 80% of this group’s online purchases are shared with other shoppers on social media. As GenZ grows up, marketing teams will have to adapt and learn to communicate in new ways on social media. This is especially true given that shoppers of this generation are more likely to engage and buy from brands that use social media. One must remember that if they like the product and customer service, they are more likely to generate the next social media buzz that brings more customers to the brand.

The eSkills Malta Foundation maintains that many young shoppers are moving away from traditional retail when they fail to provide a simple shopping experience on their online platform. When brands start to see social media platforms as part of their daily lives, they will stop seeing them as just any other means of communication.

This article was prepared by collating various publicly available online sources.

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How retailers are using social media to reach GenZ and beyond