HSBC Fusion - A New Service For Small Businesses

3rd October 2017

HSBC Fusion has been designed for business owners with an annual turnover of up to €1 million and borrowing needs up to €100,000.

HSBC Bank Malta has launched a new service designed for small businesses, providing community banking services via the bank’s network of branches in Malta’s towns and villages, in addition to the latest digital solutions.

The service, called HSBC Fusion, brings together business banking and personal banking in one simple solution, making it easier for business owners to manage all their financial needs.

In Malta, 97 per cent of companies are small businesses, which provide employment to 34 per cent of the workforce and contribute 25 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product.  Research shows that the majority of these customers prefer a banking solution that is straightforward to access and enables them to manage personal and business requirements together.

HSBC Fusion has been designed for business owners with an annual turnover of up to €1 million and borrowing needs up to €100,000. Malta is the first country to launch HSBC Fusion, a new service provided by HSBC Group.  This service supports the bank’s strategy in Malta, by increasing the range of services offered to business customers in the local community.

Customers who are eligible for HSBC Fusion will have access to a new internet banking solution and mobile app that allows business and personal accounts to be managed through a single set of log-on credentials.  HSBC has also introduced over 100 trained business banking professionals in branches across Malta and Gozo.

HSBC Fusion was officially launched during a customer event held at the HSBC Żabbar Branch, officiated by the Prime Minister of Malta Hon. Joseph Muscat alongside HSBC Malta’s CEO Andrew Beane and HSBC Global Head of Retail Business Banking Manuel Baldasano. Attendees were welcomed by Żabbar Branch manager Joe Cardona and his colleagues.

HSBC Malta CEO Andrew Beane said: “Today we are placing HSBC’s business services back in the heart of the community under the leadership of our fantastic team of branch managers.  Our new service includes an innovative range of digital solutions that make it simpler, faster and more convenient for our customers to manage their finances.  In the coming weeks our branch managers will be inviting local community leaders and business owners to experience the benefits of HSBC Fusion for themselves.”

HSBC Global Head of Retail Business Banking Manuel Baldasano added: “Over half of the world’s economy is now driven by small companies, but they are often treated like smaller versions of big businesses. HSBC Fusion helps small business owners see a full view of their finances, business and personal, and puts information and insights at their fingertips so they can manage on-the-go. We’re excited about the opportunity we have through HSBC Fusion to support some extraordinary business owners and the communities in which they operate.”

More information about HSBC Fusion can be found by visiting any HSBC branch and speaking to our trained specialists, via the dedicated number 2380 2389, or by visiting

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HSBC Fusion - A New Service For Small Businesses