Iconic Charles Grech Café in Valletta closes its doors for the last time

Helena Grech - 6th August 2019

‘We will definitely treasure the memories and look forward to serving you in our other establishments,’ the company said in a social media post. 

Charles Grech Café and Cocktail Bar on Republic Street, Valletta, has officially closed its doors for the last time, according to the company’s Facebook Page.

It served its last patrons at the establishment on Monday, 5th August.

Founded in 1881 at the very same spot on Republic Street, the iconic bar was a regular for many people who live and work in Valletta, contributing to the lively atmosphere within the capital city.

Taking to social media, the company said “it is never an easy decision to move on and our team at the café will sorely miss our customers and daily regulars, and the hustle and bustle of the café”. The company thanked its customers, adding that “it has been a great pleasure serving you all through these years”.

“We will definitely treasure the memories and look forward to serving you in our other establishments,” it concluded.

The location in Valletta, the first in a series of Charles Grech establishments, started out as a tobacconist and bottle shop, and later evolved into a café.

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