Identity Malta resumes regular operations, all offices open for business 

17th June 2020

Identity Malta is still offering most of its services online.

Identity Malta is steadily resuming its normal services and has reopened its doors to customers.

This follows a contingency plan enforced by Identity Malta in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Malta which saw most of its services being offered online.

In a statement, the agency said that, throughout the pandemic, 350 births and 100 deaths were registered by mail, 210 couples had their postponed marriage registration fee waived, 480 medical professionals, including healthcare professionals, had their single permit automatically extended by three months and 1,440 ID cards were automatically extended till 30th June 2020.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and the Communities, Alex Muscat, held that these initiatives affirm Identity Malta’s commitment towards the community. 

The following Identity Malta offices and services are accessible.

  1. Mater Dei Office reopening 

On Monday 8th June 2020 Identity Malta’s Mater Dei office reopened to the general public. In the coming weeks Identity Malta will enable online birth and death registrations.

  1. Marriage Registration Fee Waiver

Couples postponing their marriage due to COVID-19 will not have to pay the administrative fee when registering their new marriage date.

  1. Maltese citizens’ ID cards renewals

Legal Notice 143 of 2020 shall remain in force and all local ID cards which are soon to expire will remain valid until 30th June 2020. Those whose ID card already expired or will soon expire can either renew their identification document now or thereafter.

  1. Expatriates
  • New Single Permits

The Maltese Government’s decision to issue new residence permits for highly skilled workers (Key Employee Initiative) and healthcare professionals still holds until further notice.

  • Single Permit Online Platform

New single permit applications for highly skilled workers (Key Employee Initiative) and healthcare professionals, renewals and change in jobs should be submitted online once the employer has successfully registered for the online application service.

  • Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals, whose single permit is about to expire should now apply for a one year renewal here, once the employer has successfully registered for the online application service.

Healthcare professionals who had their single permit automatically extended by a further 3 months should apply online for a one-year renewal once their extension elapses.   

Live-in carers who are submitting a new or renewal single permit application should send an email to to set an appointment and submit the application in person. 

  • Interim Permits

Applicants who need to extend their interim permit should continue to send their requestto and should ask for a confirmation email. Single permit applicants who need to extend their interim permit should forward their request to and ask for a confirmation email.

  • TCN Family Members & Temporary Residence Permit

Family members of third-country nationals and applicants for temporary residence permits should continue to send their request for a new application or renewal to Requests for such extensions should also be sent to

  • EU, EEA & Swiss Nationals

EU, EEA, Swiss nationals, and their family members should continue to send their request to register their residence or renew their residence document to

  • UK nationals

The process of issuing a new residency documents to UK nationals residing in Malta will recommence from 1st July 2020 and a revised scheduled of zones will soon be issued. Beneficiaries of the Withdrawal Agreement will be notified by post on their registered address. Enquires about this changeover should be sent to

  • Expatriates’ Ħal Far Office Reopening

On Monday 8th June 2020 Identity Malta’s Expatriates Office in Ħal Far resumed with normal operating procedures. Queries in connection with the service offered at Ħal Far Office should be sent to or call +356 2590 4841/2.

  • Expatriates Customer Care

The Expatriates’ Customer Care desk can be reached on +356 2590 4800 or

Queries relating to single permits should be sent to

  1. Central Visa Unit

As from Monday 8th June, the office resumed with normal working hours, opening Monday to Friday between 8am and 2pm.

The Central Visa Unit will resume full operations once Malta lifts its travel restrictions on 1st July 2020.

The public is still requested to book an appointment beforehand on The Central Visa Unit can be contacted on +356 2590 4550 or

  1. Interviews of foreign spouses for Maltese citizenship resume

Interviews in relation to applications for Maltese citizenship based on marriage by a foreign spouse of a Maltese citizen have resumed.

  1. Other Services

The Passport Office, Public Registry Office and eID Card Unit are operating as usual.

The public is advised to take the necessary precautionary measures in keeping social distancing and to wear face masks or visors and to use hand sanitizers when visiting the offices.  

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