Imports from EU reach €4.8 billion

11th February 2020

Goods originating from the European Union represented 65.9% of total imports last year.

Goods imported from the European Union in 2019 were valued at €4,821.5 million, according to official data. The National Statistics Office recorded a drop of €312.8 million in the value of imports from euro area countries when compared to 2018.

The value of imports from the United Kingdom were up €840.2 million while goods purchased from Italy were down €207.9 million in value.

In the case of exports, the main increase was recorded in goods sent to Germany – up €69 million - whereas Japan registered the highest decrease at €83.8 million.

During the past year, the trade deficit widened by €868.2 million when compared to 2018, reaching €3,706.7 million. Both imports and exports were higher in terms of value, up €1,039.2 million and €171 million respectively.

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Imports from EU reach €4.8 billion